Wednesday, March 19, 2008

UGH! I Feel Soooo Out of the Loop!

Ok, so I'm a slacker. I haven't posted anything since the 2nd of March. I'd say I'm a little behind. So what's new. I'm behind in my cleaning; behind in packing; behind in bible study; behind in life it seems... I feel like a dog - perpetually chasing it's tail... running, running, running, yet never reaching the "goal!"

Illness just really took its toll on our household. Connor first... then me... then Caleb... and it wasn't your average 24-48 hour bug. We're talking a week (or two) of feeling like warmed over death and running fever that could fry an egg. We finally *knock on wood* seemed to have shaken it. *cough*cough* Did I mention I'm feeling congested in my chest - again?! ANYWAY...

We did have a great weekend, and I wanted to share. We went to San Antonio (Bill had a Met Life meeting) and stayed at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort. Um... VERY COOL! There was a great playground with lots of sand, s'mores night down at the fire pit by the Ramblin' River... Way too bad we only had one night there! (But that's OK - because as I type this Bill is making our reservations there for vacay this year!!! *thumbs up*).

After that we moved on to Georgetown to visit with our beloved friends Greg and Nan... our "adopted parents" as they like to say! Caleb loves going there - he gets to drive around in a golf cart and gets tons of attention! While we were there we went on an adventure to Inner Space Caverns. I wasn't sure how Caleb was going to handle going to a gi-normous hole in the ground... he surprised me, though. He did well - except for the reminder every now and again, "Mommy!! Hold my hand!!!!" By the time we made it back to the cavern entrance, Caleb thought he was a regular spelunker! On Sunday, before returning home, we made our way to a park that Bill described as "God's Country" - and I have to say - I agree. Coming from an almost desert area of Texas, being surrounded by trees, green, and water! There was a little fishing, a little playing, and a lot of wearing out of two boys just in time to get in the car for our 3 hour trip back home...

And back home we are... back into the every day stress of trying to build a house, sell a house, and just take care of a household (including 2 kids) on a 24-hour basis. But, you know what? This is my life. And I'm blessed. And I'm thankful. And I am so glad God gave me THIS life. I just hope He's as glad as I am!

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Skattmasen said...

I reached it to your blog Carey!
Oh how many nice pictures you have of your sons, it really shows on the pictures that they are having fun together!

I am off to a boattrip with my DH and two sons in any day now - they are so exited to meet "Curious George" over there.
All the best from Krissymum