Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm Soooo Behind!!!

In everything, it seems, lately. I can't get this done; I can't get that done... but know one thing - what I AM doing is enjoying my boys to the fullest extent. I have so much to do and worry about, yet here I sit... in my porch swing on a MARVELOUS Spring/Summer morning in West Texas... I hear birds chirping, wind rustling the leaves, and Caleb - dear Caleb - belting out, "OH I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO BE KIIIIING!" as he and Connor get crunchy in the sand table. (What an AWESOME $15 that has been!!) Here's a pic of the fun they had on Earth Day playing in the sand:

This is just a glorious time of year - and our little Peacock family is enjoying it as much as possible! Bill and Caleb play football every evening in the back yard. Connor climbs to the top of the playhouse like a pro (and gives me heart failure while doing so)! Sometimes we go for walks - sometimes all the way up to the "new house." Sometimes, we go for a picnic. Flying kites or playing at the park are also on the menu some nights. I just never in my wildest imagination dreamed life would be like this. It's so much better than I ever thought it would be!! Here are a few pics from our picnic night at the lake:

All the while, we are working on selling our house while the new one is getting close to completion. We are growing frustrated and worried, and we are continuing to try to trust that God will take care of it all in His time. It's scary at this point, but all we can do is have faith. In the mean time, we will accept any prayers you have for us!! :o) The kids are working so hard to get well and stay well. We're so ready for them to put this season of sickness behind us. We've had some scary times with illness this year. I'm ready for that to be a part of our past, as well. I hope to keep up a little better and fill this blog with happy memories of my little family that overwhelms me with blessings every single day.

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Dana said...

what fun is it to play in the sand without your cowboy hat!