Tuesday, September 30, 2008

There's No Place Like Home!

Our homecoming from Cali was magical! I haven't had a chance to stop and really post about it until now. Caleb & Connor were trying to "hide" behind some chairs at the airport so that they could jump out and say "SURPRISE!" with their sign that they made.

The only thing was, I think they literally went into a state of shock when they saw us! They stood up to try to yell their surprises, but they just stared... O.O Bless their hearts. Perhaps they had forgotten what we looked like and were trying to figure out if it was really us. I don't know. But the 4 of us just stared at one another. And then, as if a referee blew a whistle to start a game, we all ran to one another to hug! Once Caleb got a hold of me - he did. not. let. go. For hours he did not let go. As a matter of fact, he had to touch me (in one way or another) the rest of the day until he fell asleep that night. I had to reach back into the back seat to hold his hand on the way home from the airport! Every few seconds he would mutter, "I love you, Mom." "I missed you, Mommy." "I'm glad you came home to see me, Mom." Over and over... and this actually went on for several days. We have just enjoyed being together as a family again so, so much. While I don't EVER want to be away from my kids that long - ever again - the overwhelming emotion of such a homecoming was so magical that I wouldn't mind feeling that again... and again... and again.

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Tina said...

Those boys LOVE their Momma. So Sweet!