Sunday, May 10, 2009

Easter 2009

Yes, I realize how late this is, and I'm sorry... I'm doing good just to keep up with making sure my family is dressed, fed, and where they need to be lately! Ease up, already, will you? I'm trying here! A pregnant mom can only do so much! Have you SEEN my ankles lately? Well... neither have I...

Ooops... sorry. Didn't mean to go off on one of my lovely third trimester rampages... I'll try to stick to the topic at hand... Easter.


It was a blessed one this year - as they are every year, I believe. But this year was bigger and better when it comes to the family department. We had an Easter get-together at our house on Saturday evening - complete with an egg hunt for Caleb, Connor, Aidan, Annaliese, and Trevor. Everyone brought something yummy, and every side of the family seemed to be there. It was hectic, tiring, and wonderful all at the same time. While our family is definitely a mixed blessing... it is, indeed, a blessing.
The cousins post hunt:
Caleb showing off his loot:

Connor and his big find:

Me and my favorite Easter Bunny!

Can you guess who has the prize egg???

My handsome boys on Easter morning:

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