Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bad Blogger! Bad, Bad Blogger!!

The backs of my hands are flaming red because I scolded myself for not blogging in quite a while... Note to self: next time scold AFTER typing out the apologetic blog!

*sigh* Let's see... since my last blog there's been so much take place, so I'll just do a quick highlight of some events.

*Caleb had his Thanksgiving Feast at school - complete with an entire village made by the kindergarten class to represent the first Thanksgiving. Very cool. And - probably THE most important part - Caleb got to do the Turkey Tango... an adorable dance only done by Kindergartners at Sierra Vista.

*We went to our friends' house after story time where the kids were treated to fruit turkeys (Alyson rocks the planet), lots of play time, and making/eating turkey cookies - a sure-fire way to make sure naps are taken. Or not. I'm just sayin...

*I turned 34. We celebrated at my favorite restaurant. Enough said about that.

*Thanksgiving at Nanny's. The absolute BEST dressing she's made in years! And - my boys pretended to put on make-up at Nanny's vanity... just as I used to do. <3

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