Sunday, August 15, 2010

All Over Again...

While Bill and I actually celebrated our 13th anniversary on the 2nd of this month, we weren't able to really do anything together until this past weekend. We are so blessed in having all of the kids' grandparents living in the same town, and the two sets that were available were kind enough to take our three precious Cs for the weekend so Bill and I could get away. And get away I needed to do! Life has been chaotic and stressful lately, and getting away to do a whole lot of nothing was high on my list!

We went to our old standby - Fredericksburg. An easy 2+ hour trip with lots of shops and wineries; it's always a good time. But this time, I didn't even want to do that! I wanted to relax. And, unfortunately, relaxing is VERY difficult for me to do. Very. Difficult. I can't seem to just be still - physically or mentally. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who knew how to help me relax! (Even though he was stressing me out with the surprise of what he had planned to help me relax!!)

I found this adorable little lodge called Angels Lodge Above the Creek. (I didn't even want to do the usual Bed & Breakfast! I wanted a big, fat, fluffy, cozy bed and a pool!) We booked ourselves a room, and off we went! As I mentioned, Bill told me that he had a surprise planned for us for Saturday. While I have to admit that I DID have an idea that it may include a message, I had no idea what all he had put together! We went to a little hole-in-the-wall day spa called Tranquil Pastures Day Spa, and - together the entire time - we got facials, quasi-pedicures, hot tub time, sauna time, lunch, champagne & roses body wrap, and a full hour message.


We enjoyed mimosas throughout the morning, and the lunch was incredible! A Greek-type salad, pan-seared tilapia that I ate every bite of (you're going O.O right now if you know me!), pasta, and a yogurt parfait. Oh - it was amazing. The whole day - simply amazing! We laughed at how silly we looked - especially when we couldn't move our face because of the "beneficial mask." We talked about our lives - where we started, where we are now, and where we'd like to go. We enjoyed one another... immensely.

Afterward, we oozed out of the spa and headed back to the lodge where we took a dip in the nice salt water pool. Perfect in 103* heat! Then we got cleaned up and headed down to the main street for a little window shopping and dinner at our favorite grill. Dinner, however, was interrupted when we found Fromage du Monde. We couldn't help ourselves - we HAD to get a cheese plate to share! It was AWESOME!
Then we happily visited Water 2 Wine next door - our first visit, but (already) not our last! We found the most amazing wines there! Let's just say we ended up with the 10% discount! ;) I loved the White Cranberry Pinot Gris.

And I loved spending time with my best friend and the love of my life even more!

And... we FINALLY made it to Bejas Grill - our FAVORITE place to eat in Fredericksburg! We got started on the prickly pear margarita, triple sampler, and quesadillas far too quickly, and I failed to snap pics. I know how disappointed you are, but I assure you they were all picture-worthy! (Especially the very pretty pink prickly pear margarita!) But, I did snap a quick pic of the two of us before we left... not that it really looks that much different from the one before!

As for Sunday, we got out of the Lodge quicker than we anticipated, and the peach stands weren't open yet. Alas, Wild Seed Farms was open! We had never been there before. (That seems to be the theme of this F-burg trip!) I am so glad we stopped in for a visit! It was so beautiful! My thumbs are far from green, but I love to look at flowers and plants and dream about what my yard could look like if only... We walked around and enjoyed the plants, the flowers, the pottery, the critters (including a cat with one ear, a spider the size of my hand, and a butterfly house!), and the goodies that WSF makes and sells. It was a really nice way to spend a sunny summer Sunday morning.
This hibiscus was the size of my head!
By this time, the peach stands had opened, and we picked up a peck of peaches. (I love saying that! LOL!) *Check the next blog entry for what we plan on doing with said peaches. As we were making our way back through town toward home, I noticed Bill slowing down... hmmmm... what was he doing? I should've known... looking for Fromage du Monde again - this time for lunch! So we stopped in (after a quick run into W2W where they recognized us from the night before O.O) and ordered lunch. Bill went all out - a grilled cheese panini with turkey! I guess it makes sense to get a grilled cheese sammy in a cheese shoppe, no? Well, I hesitated, but couldn't resist trying the Hill Country Peach Salad. Oh. My. Gah. Baby spinach, toasted almonds, grilled peaches, feta cheese, rose petals, and a peach-strawberry vinaigrette. Wow is really the only word that came to mind... with... each... bite! And while we made memories that will last a lifetime and ate wonderful morsels that will forever be a part of our waistline, my heart is the part that is ultimately touched the most. As we settled down for a quiet, childless slumber our second night, Bill wrapped his arms around me and, just before drifting off to dreamland whispered, "Thanks for letting me fall in love with you all over again." My heart skipped a beat as I realized - in my absence of a reply - that indeed I had allowed that very thing to happen. And in allowing him to fall for me again, I tumbled head over heels once more myself.

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Momma Rhyne said...

Awh. So sweet. Life is the best when DH = BFF !! Looks like a great time!!