Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sun Drained Thoughts


I'm tired... I realize that's really not anything new with me lately, but (finally) it's not from stress and tears! (Oh - those things are still around, but not all-consuming!) I have to say a BIG thank you to my dear friend Julie who has helped me immensely this last week! (She probably doesn't even realize it.) I think we have been together pretty constantly the last 3 days - library, park, kiddie pool in my back yard, rec camp pool at the lake, etc. Every now and again, I bore her with my woes, but she just listens and encourages. She's probably wishing I would stop the whining, but she's just so there for me! I just love her! She and her husband Dan even did the sweetest of sweet things the other night - they surprisingly showed up with a PERFECT gift for me (and I guess Bill, too - if I have to share)!! Just sitting there baking in the sun today with Ju-jee (as Connor lovingly calls her), I realize that through all of the tough "stuff" I've been in the midst of lately, I have great friends. Sometimes I get upset by the fact that I don't have a phone book list in my cell phone that's a mile long with friends' names... but I now completely understand - in my completely drained state of being - that it is DEFINITELY quality, NOT quantity!

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