Saturday, April 4, 2009


Where to begin...

I guess, first and foremost, I am in shock that my Caleb is old enough to play the sport! I mean - he was a baby just yesterday!

Second has to be pride. I am so proud of him. When I watch him practice and play and see how into it he is and how well (I think) he does... I overflow with pride. And then it grows even more as he comes home and "teaches" Connor the ins and outs of t-ball.

Today was Caleb's official first game. He played short stop. He's got the "ready position" down to a science! He can hit the ball well, and he even knows to run to first base first! He plays for the Cubs, he's #6, he's the most handsome little t-baller, and he's good, too! And, NO, none of those statements are dripping with any sort of bias what-so-ever!!!

Here's where it all began:

And here's how far we've come:
Caleb playing short stop:
Caleb in "ready position":
Up to bat:
At third, and ready to run home:
A snow cone treat after the game:
Caleb and his favorite coach:
Reliving the game...
And what would t-ball be without the support of a #1 fan?


Melissa said...

Seriously, he looks way too grown up in his uniform out on the field. I'm sure he loves it, and don't doubt that he's got some skills! Oh, and that's one cute little fan he has...

Tina said...

Wow, what a grown up man you have on your hands now! Were there any major league scouts in the bleachers?

Anonymous said...

Brothers are the best fans ever watching a game, I see that all the time with my boys!

Do you have table tennis were
you live? My oldest just started
and it seems to be a sport
that is fun and easy for beginers.

Yay for the sport moms!