Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Child Stars!!!

Well, in a Mommy's mind, this constitutes stardom... a local commercial about our local annual Children's Fair. How did my kiddos get into a commercial for a Children's Fair, you ask? Well, I would LIKE to say that it's by good looks and amazing personalities, but they truth is... we know people in "high places." ;o) Truth be told, Nana is on the committee that puts on the fair, and they were all told to bring their kids or grand kids - if they wanted - to be in the commercial. So - of course we had to give it a go! It took about 2 hours to film what is a one minute commercial, but the experience was really just a lot of fun!

The whole group in the opening of the commercial:

Connor quickly figured out the perks of being a child actor... endless animal crackers and Capri Sun!
Caleb plotting with his side-kick cousin on how the confetti egg crack down was to go.

Connor's trying to understand what is wrong with these eggs... the ones Mommy cooks NEVER have this come out!

Can you please tell me what's wrong with these eggs?

Caleb decided that the ASU football player who let him crack on egg on his head must be his new found BFF... he kept coming up to me and Nana saying, "Mom! Can you come take a picture of me with The Guy?" Creepy enough, I think The Guy looks like he could be Caleb's big brother!

Connor and Tater's part in the commercial... bowling with The Guy. (Caleb's part was biting into a corn dog, but I didn't get a picture.)
Water balloon yo-yo's to close things down... THAT'S A WRAP!

Connor, really didn't understand what it was all about, must have at least enjoyed himself! Over and over he has said, "Mommy, I'm so excited to go to duh 'mercial!'" We've decided Nana needs to stay on that committee for sure! And I think she's got the same plans... with an added one: Caleb playing "Smiley the Clown" in next year's "mercial!"

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