Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wonderful Wednesdays

Wednesday has become a day I cherish. It has become a day that I look forward to. It has become a day that I hope will be remembered lovingly for 2 people throughout the rest of our lives... Caleb and myself. I know it will always be special to me... I can only hope the same for him, as well.

The funny thing is - we don't really do anything that "special." I pick him up early from school on Wednesdays. Well, not necessarily early - he just doesn't stay for lunch and Stay & Play. We use the time from 11:45 - 1:30 (when Connor gets out of his "school") to spend time together by having lunch, running an errand or two, window shopping, whatever we want to do. Usually, he picks where we have lunch, and we usually end up at McDonalds (insert vomiting smiley here), Quiznos, or his recent favorite - Subway.

Today, however, he wanted to go to Olive Garden. (Ok, so maybe I kind of suggested it heavily, but he still wanted to go once it was suggested!) Anyway... today I sat there in total and complete awe. I sat there full of pride. I sat there in love. Across from me was the most handsome date ever. The darkest brown hair; the most beautiful hazel-green eyes; the most polite little gentleman... *sigh* I could see people at other tables admiring my date - as they should've been, and my heart swelled even more with pride. We had lunch and visited. I love hearing what's on his mind. It's so interesting to me. He's growing up far too fast.

Like I said... we don't do anything "special," but the time we do have together on Wednesdays is and always will be special to me. I wish Wonderful Wednesdays would last forever...


Tina said...

What a special time for both of you!

kelsy said...

i think wonderful wednesdays CAN last forever!!! i love that you have this tradition with caleb! i wish i could do something like this with J. maybe in a year or two?

Anonymous said...

I do get what you mean Carey!
Have the same feeling when I take one of the boys with me -
the "one and one time" is fab.

Why dont you introduce Caleb to sushi? My youngest son looves the
miso soup which he calls "Mini-soup"

Portia West

Diane said...

Oh, but you ARE doing something are spending TIME with Caleb. And that is better than any amount of money spent on him. He will cherish these days forever. You're such a great mom!

Diane said...

Oh, but you ARE doing something special. You are spending TIME with Caleb, and that is better than any amount of money that you could ever spend on him. He will always cherish these days. You are a great mommy!

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to ever get here with my name & password....GRRR
Just wanted to say I am so happy that you & Caleb are making special memories together. Your time with him is worth the world. He sure does love his Mommy!
This is from your Momma

AprilMay said...

I love this post! How lucky are we to be surrounded by our beautiful little men? And when our hubbies are old and gray, we'll still have strong guys around us to open that pickle jar, LOL. And mow the lawn. And paint the bedroom again.