Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cowboy(s) UP!!

If you've known me since the dawn of time (well, MY time, that is), you KNOW how utterly bizarre it is to see my kiddos in boots and jeans... and ME in boots and jeans? Well, that's unheard of... until this year, anyway... But this isn't about me. It's about how two of the most handsome boys in the world can go from rock star to cowboy in 8 seconds... and make it look goooood! :o)

Not long ago, we took the boys to a local "Western store" in search of jeans that would actually fit. Caleb has issues of small waist and mile long legs while Connor just has small issues. Period. As we say... "Him's littles." Anyway... while at this particular shoppe, Caleb found (and fell in love with) some black boots that were electric blue from the ankle up. He went on and on about how cool they were. And, for some reason, his daddy is a sucker for making him look like a handome cowboy, so he caved and bought the boots for Ca-Bug. And a pair of black Wranglers... And a new blue plaid shirt to match the boots. And a new shirt for Con-bon. And some Wranglers for that little wrangler, too! Oh... and, of course, a cowboy hat for Littles. (Caleb already has a black one thanks to Auntie J and Uncle Tink.) Also, I had bought Connor a pair of the tiniest boots you've ever seen a week before this shopping extravaganza. We had to buy them - once he tried them on, he didn't want to take them off! He likes them because the heels "click!"
So, of course, here are the pictures of (what I believe) to be the two most handsome little cowboys know to West Texas. And, NO, I am NOT biased!! :o)

Caleb's so put together... Connor, well, he's got more of the "drug store cowboy" thing going on!
Caleb at the petting zoo before the rodeo.
Connor-Bonnor... the only kind of animal he really cared to "pet" while we were there!
They SO enjoyed the rodeo! Especially Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey!

Ahhh... the family pic... including Bill calling Connor as he's running off to find the next point of interest!


Tina said...

What a great post! Such happy little boys. What a great Mom you are to give them such a wonderful childhood. Good for you!

You continue to be in my prayers daily. youre doing it day by day your making God is taking you there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these awesome little cowboys! I KNOW they are the best looking little cowboys in the whole wide world!!! Thanks for going thru this every year Carey! I am so proud of you and you are a GREAT Mommy!!!
I love you

kelsy said...

i love the family pic! it is PERFECT!

Cowboy Friendly said...

They really really are cute little cowboys! The one I like most is Caleb with the pony. He's trying to project like a real cowboy proud of his horse (well, in this case it's a pony). Thanks for sharing Carey, you have nice and handsome kids!

Misty Jo said...

Cute Cowboys!!! Looks like you all had a great time. Noah loved the rodeo, but was disappointed that he couldn't ride any of the rides. Next year he will be all over it. Thanks for the pics.

Leila said...

I LOVE the pic of Connor and Bill on the carasoul! That is like a magazine! I would blow that up to 50x50 and hang it above my mantel!! And are you freakin pregnant or what? That family pic - you are TINY!