Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a Lucky Day!

St. Patrick's Day... a day for wearing of the green and luck to be had by all. Normally, I don't buy into that junk AT ALL, but this was one good St. Patty's Day! We started off the day getting dressed in our finest of green and heading to the clinic for a 3D pic of Baby C. (No, we don't have a name decided on as of yet, but we DO know he has to start with C like Caleb... according, of course, to Big Brother Caleb!) So, we (myself, Bill, Caleb, Connor, and Mom) piled into the tiny u/s room and the peeking began. Caleb immediately saw the baby on the screen and thought it was too cool (which, of course, it WAS!). Connor, on the other hand, probably wondered why we were all so in awe of the sepia-toned blob floating around on the screen. He did, however, provide his usual nice gesture of coming up to me (after we were all trying to tell him we were looking at Baby Brother), and he lovingly patted my left breast and said, "Hi! Hi, Baby!!"
As soon as the tech turned on the machine we realized... we have a thumb-sucker on our hands. This will be a first. You could literally see the little lips wrapped around that tiny thumb, and he was sucking away! The tech really poked and prodded as he was in a difficult position for viewing. Must have caused C a little stress because the hiccups started... and didn't stop through the whole u/s. It was cool... I would feel it; you could see my stomach move; then you would see C's whole body jerk on screen with the hiccup.

After the u/s, I took Caleb to Daddy's office and Granny's office for a little soliciting. Yep, we are officially fundraising for the first time. And, let me tell you, Caleb is Mr. Salesman! He practiced his little spiel (even practicing how to say White Chocolate Macadamia without getting it all jumbled), and he had it down in time to sell! That boy sold him some cookie dough! And - he wanted to do it all on his own, and he. shooed. me. away. After making $240 worth of sales, we went to lunch with Daddy.
Then we came home for some play time before nap. Caleb helped make a lucky clover snack so that it could bake while they worked hard outside with sidewalk paint.

After all their hard work (and double the baking time than suggested), my two Lucky Charms sat down to a snack of cinnamon-sugar green clover and milk - outside, of course! Cheers!

Then it was Mommy's favorite time of the day... NAP TIME!! ;o) They were exhausted, and full, and had good naps. Mommy was a VERY LUCKY LADY!!! We wrapped up our lucky day with an entertaining evening of tee ball practice, home for a little more outdoor play, and then... oh my gosh!! A leprechaun came and left two little bowl-fulls of gold for the boys to snack on before bath/bed time! (aka: Tropical Pineapple Jell-O. And, can I just say... that is some goooood jello! Especially when you hide in the corner of the kitchen and cover yours with Reddi-Whip!)

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GrannyGran said...

A lucky day in deed! What a blessing it was to watch that little baby on the u/s screen. What an amazing wonderful joy in my heart I feel for you Baby C :)