Tuesday, October 20, 2009

$20 Worth of Pics...

My friend Alyson and I took our kiddos to a local pumpkin patch this morning to snap some pics and let them play in the pumpkins. As I drove up, Alyson came up to me and told me about a make-shift sign as you walk up to the patch. It read:

"Pictures for customers only. $20 minimum." o.O

Um... excuse me? Seriously? We were quite annoyed with this rule of the patch! This is not the case with the one at Caleb's school. However, since we were already all unloaded, we decided to go ahead and let the boys go around and play and see all of the decorations they had around. As we saw how cute the decor was, we really wanted some pictures! We contemplated buying things - wondering if we spent $20 collectively that we would both be able to snap pics! Alyson eventually grabbed a basket and threw some honey and pecans in there and let John Curtis pick a little pumpkin. I started pricing some pumpkins and told the gentleman that I'd need some honey, as well. I kid you not, the minute he saw us take out the cameras, he watched like a hawk! It was kind of amusing... I wondered if he'd try to take my camera away since I hadn't forked over my Andrew Jackson yet. I started putting some decorative pumpkins and gourds in a basket, and he quickly came and said, "Let me take that for you!" (dollar signs in his eyes). Finally, we'd had our fill of the patch and picture posing, so we went to check out. My total: $19.89. Ooooops. ;o) At any rate, if you round up, here are my $20 worth of Pumpkin Patch Pictures! (And, no, there are none of Carter Chance - he was napping happily in the stroller!)

Connor trying to move this Cinderella pumpkin:

"If I only had a brain!" Loved this scarecrow!

"Mom! What's dis?!"

Couldn't believe the pose and grin from this kid! He's usually impossible!


Oh!!! We went to Caleb's Kindergarten Open House this evening. It was so cool to see all the amazing things he's been working on. The very coolest thing was the Weather Center. I've heard Caleb talk about the Weather Center a LOT. He took us straight to it - told us all about it... seeming so proud. One of his teachers came up to talk to us, and I was telling her about Caleb's adoration of that particular center when she informed me that Caleb was the reason that center was there! He came up with it! He had started gathering things (maps, a pointer, a phone, etc.) and pretending to be a weather man. Due to his interest, the teachers gathered other things and created an entire center dedicated to weather. I think that is awesome!

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Alyson Sandlin said...

So funny! I spent just over $19.00, too!