Sunday, October 11, 2009

Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood!

This is what Daddy says when feeding Carter Chance! Yep... feeding... as in cereal, sweet potatoes, a big boy in a high chair... and Mommy crying on the inside. I don't know why, but it's killllllling me to see this baby growing up. Fast, too fast... he's just growing too fast.

But let me tell ya... Carter Chance loves him some cereal and sweet taters!! He has been BY FAR the easiest of our three children to feed for the first time. Like a baby bird, he sat there focused on the food at hand, mouth WIDE open. And smile... oh my gosh that baby was smiling for the sweet taters! Bitter-sweet as it may be for this mommy who feels like her baby is growing too fast and just not needing her as much any more, it was a lot of fun seeing him embark on his newest adventure.

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