Sunday, February 10, 2008

These are the BEST times!

Although only February, the air whispered of Spring to come. The skies were blue, the winds were calm, and a feeling of (forgive the cheese) HAPPY just rested within!

We woke early-ish to get breakfast and cleaning done - the house was to be shown between 10-11. By 9:45 we were heading out the door. Perfect. We do an errand or two, and then we seemed to be warped into Family Zone - even though the scenery seemed to look just like the places we see every day... you could see it, feel it... we were in Family Zone! We took a drive to the State Park to show Caleb the bison that reside out there. He was less than impressed because, of course, he just wanted to get out and ruuuuuun. *sigh* It just wasn't an option because we were on a 30 minute "drive pass." Awww... nuts. We did a drive-by lunch at our house on our way to the Mall for the Chocolate Festival Kid's Area. Caleb got to indulge in a few chocolate munchies that gave him the extra bounce that he needed... yeah, right! He enjoyed it, none the less!

Next! We went to the park... had to... Caleb had to run that chocolate off, by golly! It was such an amazingly beautiful day! Caleb and Connor enjoyed themselves soooo much! Connor is so darn funny - just wants to do whatever Brother is doing. And he has no fear! That baby would just dive - I'm serious! - DIVE down the slides... no worries... wouldn't it be nice to live life that way?! *SUPER SIGH*

After much fun at the park, we headed up to Chateau Peacock to see the most recent progress. (Yes, we DO go every day - we can't help ourselves!) We actually hoisted Caleb up to the 2nd floor this time around, and he got to see where his "new room" is going to be. Excited does not encompass the feelings pouring out of him - and me, for that matter. I love the thoughts and images I have of watching my children grow up in that house. The house Bill and I built together. There's no warmer, fuzzier feeling...

Thank you, God, for a glorious day with the ones I love most - my family!


Alyson Sandlin said...

You are great at this! I'm so excited you have joined to world of bloggers!!!!

sheila said...


I just love your websight. I sure do love and miss you guyes so much.
I can't wait to see you and your new house. Its looking good.

Ilove you,

Anonymous said...

The warmth I feel in my heart while reading this just is overwhelming! It takes me back to when MY little family took those drives and had those moments. Enjoying your family...especially your children will be the best part of your life....:). God bless your little family forever!
I love you,