Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weekend Wear-out!!!

So this weekend totally kicked my butt! We went to Plano for my nephew's 4th birthday. Caleb and Aidan are like long-lost brothers, basically... they are amazing to watch together and love every minute they have together. So... here's how it went...
  • Left around lunch Friday afternoon so we could get there in time for dinner with the Burkles. We all know traffic in a big city can be the opposite of fun, right? Well this was down right RIDICULOUS! It started out 30 miles before Weatherford... complete standstill. Seriously?? Yep - seriously. And - it gets better... we had to endure that 3 times before even hitting "big city traffic!" Mind you, the little delay along I20 ensured that we made it to downtown Dallas - as if on cue - at the stroke of 5:30 on a FRIDAY!!! I just want to make sure you can feel the J-O-Y in this post!!!! Oh - and did I mention we had not stopped the entire way for a potty break?!?!?!?

  • Ahhhh... Saturday... the day of the BIG party! Wait - let me back it up to about 5:30 a.m. when Connor (bless his little heart) woke up to realize he hadn't the foggiest clue where he was and proceeded to get up and run from his pallet in the floor, screaming bloody murder because he was so freaked out! *Can you say INSTANTLY WIDE AWAKE?* Poor baby... come lay with Mommy and go back night-night... yeah. Right. 20 minutes into that idea and I feel *poke*poke* in my eye with the sound of the behind-the-paci giggle. *SIGH* I decided to go ahead and get up since I knew we had to get 4 adults and 4 children up, dressed, fed, and ready to head to a party by 10:00. I head to the shower only to realize I forgot my razor!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!! (Now, those of you who know me - and I mean know me - know that Carey doesn't skip a day of shaving. Stubble is NOT my friend!!! So, off to Albertson's I went at 6:45 a.m. complete with my Pucker Up jammies with lip prints all over them! Hey - a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Fast forward to 10ish - we did pretty well getting us all spit-shined and ready for a party at Pump It Up! And it was fun - once I played my Mean Mommy card and made Caleb get into those bouncy things! He didn't want to - no way, no how. I gave him the choice: Bouncy Obstacle Course or Time Out for the rest of the party. Surely you can guess what he chose. And so glad he did! He had so much fun (and is still telling me so today)! After the party, we went back for naps - for everyone, and then the grandparents came over to watch Aidan open his gifts. (Caleb has already made plans for HIS OWN birthday... he wants to make sure he gets a fighter jet just like Aidan's!) Moving on to dinner - we went out for my MIL's birthday to a great Italian restaurant where we seriously committed the sin of gluttony! Before making it back "home" for the night, we just HAD to stop by and see where MIL and FIL were staying - a swanky little joint called the NYLO... all I can say is COOOOOOOL!

  • Sunday - alas, Sunday!!! Time to head home, which I am grateful for because my children DO NOT sleep well away from home! You guessed it - Connor was up sleep-screaming at 5:30 again this morning. :o( Poor baby... Anyway - the drive home wasn't so bad - we stopped off at the Smokestack Restaurant in Thurber (pop. 5), and it was good eatin'! Once we were home, I think we all walked in, SIGHED, and melted into our comfort zone...

I guess I must be old... 'cause I sure do like my own bed a whole lot! Hmmm... wasn't it the ever-intelligent Dorothy who proclaimed, "There's no place like home"? ...Amen, Sister!

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