Monday, February 11, 2008

What a Difference a Week Makes!

Saturday was such a tremendous high! Sunday... not so much. The day started out great - we were even on time to Sunday School! Woo-hoo! Well, to say things weren't right when we picked Connor up in the nursery would be an understatement. He was sprawled out asleep on a nursery worker - covering her like a warm blanket. And when I say warm, I mean WARM - like an electric blanket or something! By the time we got home his fever was 104.2!! We were able to keep it around 102 with a cool bath and Motrin/Tylenol until his doctor's appointment the next day. While at the doc's, his temp registered at a whopping 104.5!!! He ended up having to undergo blood work where they found his white cell count to be at 20,000 (should be around 12k). They called us back in later that afternoon for one mean antibiotic shot because the blood work didn't show if it was for sure bacterial or viral. He was one sick baby throughout the week. Luckily, the shot (plus the oral antibiotic) seem to have helped.

Ahhh... Valentine's... the joy. I'm sorry, but I've never been a big fan of the day, myself. I think we should show our love each and every day - not wait and shower the love of our life with red and pink on one day Hallmark tells us to. Enough of my disdaid... I have found a new love (if you will) for the holiday in that Caleb and I had fun making Valentines (and a HUGE mess) together in preparation for his party at school. I also got all Susie Homemaker the morning of the 14th - I free-handed heart shaped cookies and baked them while my boys enjoyed their breakfast and some nice Backyardigan's tunes on the iPod. I even DECORATED THEM! *GASP!* I know!!!! But it was all worth it - Caleb, a.k.a. "King of Hearts," had a great Valentine's Day! And isn't that all that matters?

We did get to spend a little more quality time at the park - before the cold, nasty weather reared it's ugly head! This was Connor's first time at Kid's Kingdom. Once again, he was in love with the slide! I knew it was time to go when he lunged too hard to go down the slide and almost did a face plant in the wood chips. Not to mention it was 2:30, and I had some t-i-r-e-d babies on my hand! But it was worth it - we really had a great time together!

The week almost ended kind of rough... had some things happen that really hurt my feelings. I was really hurt by a fellow church member, and that made it even a little more painful. I'm having to pray and let go... unfortunately, my human nature tends to remind me every now and again that my heart still hurts... But it's going to be ok. Thankfully, we had some nice weather this afternoon (Sunday), and Bill, Caleb, and Connor and I took some time to cruise around the new palace. I took my bible and a permanent marker and put some meaningful verses throughout some of the rooms. Still have some more to do... Anyway - that wraps up another week of the life of the Peacock family! Looking forward to what next week has in store...

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Alyson Sandlin said...

You're doing great trying to get past the hurt feelings. I know it takes time, but you made it through Sunday School. Thanks for not shutting people out. You'll be glad in the long run! Love you!