Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Has Flung!

We always say "Spring Has Sprung!"... but you never hear "Fall Has Flung!" At any rate, fall arrived this weekend! That just excited me so much! Crisp, cool weather... smelling wood burning in the distance... chai tea lattes... cute hoodies... and JEANS! I love jeans!

We woke Saturday morning to cloudy, cool, kind misty weather. The kind that tells you it's ok to let go of summer because changes are around the corner. Bill has been working on the boys' playset in the backyard. Since it was so cool out that morning (and the boys HAD to be outside with Daddy), Bill lit the chiminea for the first time. Ahhhh... the warmth... the smell. Yes, fall... you are here. The boys would run and play and then come get cozy by the fire before running off to help daddy hammer and screw planks together to create the already loved playset.

So far, the week has been full of pumpkins, too! Pumpkin patch here, pumpkin patch there, everywhere a pumpkin patch. And do you think the kids tire of it? Of course not!! I took the boys one day after school - very convenient since the patch is AT their school! They were wearing the shirts that I made with a girls' group a couple of Sundays ago. While the shirts are cute and get lots of comments... they are going to be the death of me. Thank goodness I will not have to continue to be ever-so-careful in laundering the beloved pumpkin shirts - with anything else. (That could be its own blog all together. *rolling eyes*)
Fall has also brought the blessing of RAIN! It was wonderful to cuddle up with my boys and listen and watch and smell the rain. When you live in a place where rain is a hot commodity, you learn to appreciate every drop that God allows to fall. Connor particularly enjoyed staring out the window while the wet stuff quenched the thirst of our new grass.

And, of course, fall brings out the new clothes. You know, the ones you've been eye-balling in your closet, but it's just not quite cool enough to wear? IT IS NOW COOL ENOUGH!!! Caleb and Connor were SOOO excited to sport their jeans and their Halloween shirts. (Caleb so much so that he's wearing the shirt for the second day in a row... thankfully, we have no place to go!)

After all of this, you can tell how much we love the fall. I don't know how you feel about it - you may not like cool weather and chai tea. If fall is not your favorite, just do your best to smile -

Warmer weather will be here before you know it!


Tina said...

Great post! I love the Fall too. Growing up in Canada Fall was my favorite time of year. I miss the vibrant fall colours, you just don't get that down south.....sigh.

Great pumpkin pics!

Dana said...

I thought it was getting to be fall here, too, but had to kick the a/c back on today! Enjoy the rain.

Carey said...

Oh, Dana! Fall doesn't usually stay fall... going to be 84 today! And the rain only lasted a day... but we'll take what we can get around here!