Monday, October 6, 2008

A Man After My Own Heart...

Like he didn't already have it! SHEESH!!

The first Sunday of every month the girls from my Sunday School class get together for some "us" time. Normally we meet up at a little place called Baker Street and have sandwiches, coffee, dessert, etc. This meeting, however, we planned a little craft time where we were going to make Halloween shirts. We were excited to see how these would turn out!

At lunch earlier that day, Bill and his step dad were talking about how dove season is almost up, and they have not had a chance to go hunting much at all. Daryl (step dad) asked if he wanted to go that afternoon. Bill promptly looked at me and asked, "You have your girls thing tonight, right?" "Well, yeah..." I replied slowly. "But... I don't have to go... I... know you haven't... hunted in a while..."

"No. No-no." Bill interrupted. "You need to go do your girls thing. Not a problem."

Point 1 - Bill.

Fast forward to later that afternoon... I was giving hugs and kisses good-bye, and I happened to throw in, "You guys really need to clean up your toys while Mommy's gone. The house is a mess." (In one ear and out the other...)

We had such a great time dying our shirts, the sinks at church, they dryer at church, and our fingers orange! I looked at my watch and *GASP* it was 8:40!! I really wanted to see my babies before they went to bed. So I grabbed my wet shirts out of the newly orange dryer and headed home. It was quiet when I walked in. All 3 boys were already upstairs for the evening. I got upstairs to find my 3 guys watching Sid the Science Kid in my bed. Two of the guys were bathed and ready for bed!!!

Points 2 and 3 - Bill.

I ran back downstairs to shut down for the evening and - what's this?! I can see the floor! I hadn't noticed before, but I can see the floors of the Living Room AND the Play Room!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

Points 4 and 5 (two whole rooms!) - Bill.

I went upstairs with such joy in my heart. I snuggled with my loves, read to the two youngest ones, tucked them into bed and sighed a sigh of utter contentment. Ooooh! Then it began to thunder, lightning, and even RAIN! It couldn't get better than that! I told Bill how much I appreciated and loved him for what he'd done. What he DOES DO. My heart was happy as I drifted off to dreamland...

And it didn't end there! I got up this morning and went to get my yummy coffee creamer out of the fridge... 2 lunches packed and ready for school.

Points 6 an 7 - Bill.

He's a winner.


Tina said...

Good job Bill. So can I borrow him for a while? I can't even remeber the last time I had some "me" or "girl" time. I am so envious.

kelsy said...

ALRIGHT!!!! looks like all your training is finally paying off LOL.... JUST KIDDING!!! Bill sounds so very great! i think maybe i should have him have a talk with my hubby? can you ask him if he could do me that favor ? ;)

Dana said...

It takes a while to get them trained, but finally, payoff!!