Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday Night Fun

Friday night. It's becoming our thing. And I like it. Although Caleb is under the weather, he had a good couple hours of energy and feel-good time. And we took advantage of it! The boys were playing in the floor where it looked like Geoffrey Giraffe had thrown up the entire contents of Toys R Us. I was cleaning up from our meal of homemade chicken and dumplings (my first attempt - not too bad). *Caleb ate 2 helpings!!!* It was then Bill got the urge for some tunes. Since we have Dish Network, we have Sirius radio on the TV, which can then be pumped throughout the house thanks to Bill's big boy toys of speakers and sound zones to cover each room. *rolling eyes* Anyway - he found a 90's station. My heart is fluttering this morning as I think about it again. I never realized how much I LOVED THE MUSIC OF THE 90'S!!!! The memories that flood back from just the first few notes or the guitar riff in the middle of the song... *sigh* Luckily, the boys thought the music was pretty cool, and they danced. And they danced, and they danced, and they DANCED!!! And Bill and me... we giggled. We moaned sighs of "Yes!" when a new song would start. We bobbed our heads in sync to Beck's "Loser." At one point, I was in the kitchen preparing some dessert when I was swept up by my crazy husband, and we were suddenly dancing to a familiar tune. And, if memory serves, it wasn't really a song for couples to dance together to... But - who cares - we were in our kitchen dancing away. Wow. It was a good time.

We wound the evening down with some fall leaf pastries that I made: leaf-shaped pie crusts stuffed with butterscotch morsels and orange/cinnamon flavored pecans... baked to a golden brown and sprinkled with green, red, and yellow sugar to look like fall leaves. You know - the big, beautiful ones we don't really see in our neck of the woods! We all chugged our glasses of milk and headed upstairs to get ready for bed. We definitely had ourselves some Friday night FUN!!

That's about the time Caleb's coughing, sneezing, and stuffiness returned with a a vengeance.


Alyson Sandlin said...

Fun! We had a fun family night too with popcorn, a movies, and games in front of the fire. Good times!

Misty Jo said...

That's great. I was waiting for Noah to be a little bit older to have a family night, but I think we will start it now. Your boys are so handsome. They are growing up very fast. I had to stay in the nursery with Noah today. He is having trouble with seperation anxiety. I know it will just take a little patientence and time. Connor was so cute today. He is very smart. He played with Noah and tried to make him feel better. He was so kind to Noah and shared his toys with him. It was so sweet to see the way he tried to make Noah feel better. He is such a cute and kind boy. As you already know, he is truly a blessing from God. Misty

Tina said...

What a great evening. We do movie/family night on Saturday and the boys love it.

Although last Saturday they decided it would be family/friend night so we had the eight of us plus 5 of their about a full house.

I was in heaven. These are the wonderful times that the kids will remember forever.