Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Halloween for the Peacock family is busy. Fun, but busy. Our "routine" is to start at my Nanny's house where Mom and Dad meet us to see the boys in all their cuteness. We usually grab a totally non-nutritional dinner (this year: Chick-fil-A) and scarf it down before the trick-or-treating commences. Mom and Dad then walk them across the street to two of Nanny's neighbors' homes to show them off.

Once we finish our fun at Nanny's, we head to church for Trunk or Treat. It's always fun to see our church family dressed up and oohing and ahhhing over the kids. (Grandma was there handing out candy, too... I think they got a handful at her trunk rather than a couple of pieces!)

Caleb and his friend Sophie
Connor wasn't sure what to think of the "life size pumpkin man."
After Trunk or Treat, we head a few blocks over to Bill's dad and step-mom's house. We usually hang out there a while, let the boys have a treat, and let them hand out candy to the first of the trick-or-treaters to start ringing the bell. In years past, we have left Grandpa and Nana's house to go to Bill's mom and step-dad's house to do the same - hang out, have a treat, and hand out candy. However, we had hung out with Grandma and D-Pop the previous night at her work's fall festival, so we headed home - especially because my aunt and uncle had called and wanted to see the boys. After visiting with Auntie J and Uncle Tinker for a bit, we realized it was still early and our neighborhood was crawling with trick-or-treaters! (This is our first Halloween where we've been home early enough to still see t-o-ters out! So, we busted out the double stroller and headed out for our own trick-or-treating. While walking to the first house, I realized Caleb had never done this before as he asked, "We just walk up to their house and knock on the door and ask for candy?" It was cute. And, believe me, it did NOT take long for them to get the hang of it! As a matter of fact, Mr. Froggy didn't want to LEAVE a house after getting his treats! He would stand there and literally STARE at them like, "I see more candy in your bowl. Quit holding out on me." It was a great night full of fun and treats - no tricks to be had by any of us! *WHEW*

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