Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We Had a Wonderful Weekend!

The funny part is - the weekend didn't turn out as planned, but it turned out GREAT!
Connor and I stopped off Friday before picking Caleb up from school to grab some movies. Friday evening came around, and I got the boys showered and into some comfy jammies (football jammies, of course!). We came back down stairs and I popped some popcorn for the boys and put in Nim's Island. (Caleb LOVES that movie!) They were clean, comfy, had their OWN bowls of popcorn, and were ready...

While Connor made it through about 8 1/2 minutes of the movie, Caleb was glued to the big screen from beginning to end. Bill and I relaxed in our love seat while Connor entertained himself at the workbench - snacking on a popcorn or two every now and again. I started wanting something sweet, so my sweetie made homemade Mexican Wedding Cookies for me!! I sooooo love him!

I wish I could say we all got to sleep in Saturday morning, but that wasn't the case. We did get to cuddle in bed with Connor for a little while (to keep him quiet) until he started begging for "break-set." We all ate breakfast and got dressed and remembered the Veteran's Day Parade was downtown at 11:00. We had plenty of time, and the weather was fantastic, so we headed downtown. I was embarrassed when I realized that my kiddos had actually never attended a parade before!

I'm so glad we went!! They. Loved. It.

The boys standing in awe as they watched our men and women in uniform parade in front of us.

Caleb playing his "instrument." He LOVED the bands!!
Only in Texas do you have saddled longhorns as the finale!!
We had a great time at our Veteran's Day Parade!
Sunday was great, too. We had a great sermon, enjoyed a fabulous lunch - just the four of us, had some nice nap time, and just enjoyed one another's company. *Big sigh* What a great weekend!

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Leila said...

Looks like fun! Love the pics!!