Monday, August 4, 2008

The Address Fiasco CONTINUES!


When the prospect of changing our street name came up, I thought for sure it would be impossible to get it done. I figured I HAD to give it a shot since we were having problem after problem with our address. That's when I got in contact with a very nice woman in the City Planning Department. She was more than cordial and, after taking a drive out here on her lunch, agreed that the street name definitely needed to be changed. That's when London Court was brought up. It was fine with me, and I called Bill to pass on the information. He said almost instantly, "What about Peacock Court?" Silence. "Seriously! Ask her. Call her back and ask her." After what seemed like an eternity of banter about the possibility, I called her back - for the simple fact that I could say I ASKED. As I assumed she would, she turned it down. But - hey - I ASKED!

Friday my phone rang, and it was the very pleasant woman from the City. "We're sending out the change notice, and it won't be London Court after all. We've decided on Peacock Circle." Much like the phone call with Bill - SILENCE. Then, "Um. What?" "That's right. Peacock Circle. I mentioned it to my superior when turning in the requisition, and he loved it!" Alrighty then. So - Saturday - on our 11th Anniversary - we get the notice that our street name (where our dream house now stands) will bear our name. Personally, I was embarrassed as all get out. Bill. Loved. It. We joked and laughed about it. How could we NOT?! Bill tells me, "Well, at least our kids will have no problem learning their address!" "Yeah," I retort, "and their teachers will all think they are LYING!" Chuckle, chuckle, snort, snort.

Monday the phone rings yet again with Miss Pleasant on the end of the line. "We have a little problem." Silence. (sound familiar?) "Someone has raised complaint with the name Peacock Circle." *Allow me to take a moment to remind you that WE ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO LIVE ON THIS CUL-DE-SAC!* "Ok, I said. I really can't believe Shawn (our one-day-neighbor) complained... we talked to him about it... he seemed ok..." "It wasn't Shawn," replied Miss P. "Oh. Ok. Well, thanks for calling."

Now here's the kicker... I really didn't WANT the street name to be Peacock Circle. It was - well - rather embarrassing. BUT... now that I know someone fussed about the name of a street that they don't even LIVE ON (the notice was sent to a few on Ashford DRIVE, as well)... that just chaps my hiney something fierce! Don't people have better things to do with their time than call the city to complain about a street name they don't live on? SIGH... whatever...

So - back to London Court it is... which I actually LIKE better. BUT - It will forever in our hearts be 605 PEACOCK CIRCLE... THE PLACE OF OUR DREAMS!


Tina said...

That is hysterical! I'm glad it's finally sorted out. I have to agree I like London Crt best. I hope it's smooth sailing from now on.

kelsy said...

well, im glad it is figured out! LOL i have to laugh at the banter btwn you and your hubby... sounds very familiar ;)... men, i tell you LOL!!