Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shhhh! I can't hear the quiet!


What's that again? I can't remember, yet it's all around me right now. I'm. All. Alone. This is the first time in the new house that I've been all by myself! Part of me wants to bust out the megaphone from high school and do a cheer. Part of me wants to cry!

It all started last night. Bill and I headed to the Colts Baseball game (only 3 games left, and we still have too many tickets!). Connor was going to be dropped by Grandma's house - for everyone's sanity - and we were going to take Caleb with us. WELL... once he found out Connor was getting to play at Grandma's, he wasn't having a night at the ballpark with Mommy and Daddy. Sooo... off we went. Childless.

The game was ok - we actually won - so yay.

Anyway - back to the quiet. It was such a quiet night... no "Boys, let's get in the bath!" *giggling and running down the hall sans clothes* "Boys, let's get your jammies on!" *more giggling and running down the hall with towels flying behind like a cape* "Boys, brush your teeth!" *giggling and shrieking - this time with jammies on* "Boys, it's time for bed!" *giggling comes to a screeching halt*

There was no Caleb coming in 15 minutes after we go to bed because he "just needs to tell us something."

There was no crying or cooing through a monitor.



Now for the part that I'm seriously missing... There was no "Mommyyy... Mommyyyyy" this morning coming through the monitor inviting me to my morning peek-a-boo game with Connor between the crib rails and "turtle-frog" (his lovie). There was no Caleb trying to sneak down the stairs to surprise me when he gets up. No, "HI, BOO-BOO!"



Bill's even gone with a friend to fill deer feeders on their lease. So I don't even have to hear the dialogue of a ridiculous old movie and Bill quoting it!



It's so loud.


Di said...

Believe it or not, there will be times when you will look back on this and wish, just for a moment, for it again. And just remembering it will help you get through the moment.

Can't wait to see those little guys myself...I have missed them immeasurably! Maybe tomorrow...

Tina said...

Quiet yikes I don't think I would know what to do wih mysself?

kelsy said...

that kind of quiet really can be all consuming!!! it is easy to love it and hate it at the same time!