Saturday, December 6, 2008

Caleb's First Field Trip - Concho Christmas Tree Farm!

Caleb's first field trip with his preschool was a lot of fun! ABSOLUTELY FREEZING, but a lot of fun! It was the longest field trip I'd ever witnessed - lasting from (bus leaving) at 9:15 until 12:20... oh, and allow me to mention that his school is over at 11:45! Oh well - totally worth it!

They had so many activities to participate in while we were there! They split them into three groups - Elves, Snowmen, and Reindeer. The groups rotated around the farm to do various activities:

  • Pledge of Allegiance - we began at the center of the farm (in front of the cute yellow farm house) where a couple of children helped raise the flag so that we could start our day with the pledge. Very cool.

  • Dress the Farmer - the kids dressed a "farmer" made from a cross of 2x4's in a bucket of cement with a burlap sack noggin. They had to make an outfit from various clothes in some tubs and then vote on which farmer they liked the best.

  • Plant a Tree - the farmer took them and explained the planting process; planting a seedling at that time. He also explained about a nocturnal intruder "Mr. Porcupine" who was killing some trees.

  • Hay Ride - they got to ride around the farm and ring strands of jingle bells along the way.

  • Feed the Animals - they got to hand feed llamas and alpacas.

  • Story Time - one of the farmers read about a Christmas tree to kids who were sitting on a pile of hay.

  • Decorate a Christmas Tree - while the owner of the farm explained the Christian meaning of the Christmas tree, the children got to decorate a live tree just their size.

  • S'MORES!!! - They got to roast marshmallows around the campfire and make some yummy-to-your-tummy s'mores. What a sweet ending to our time at the Concho Christmas Tree Farm!!

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