Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Cold, Drizzly Day... How SWEET!!!

The weather outside was frightful! Well, as frightful as it really gets in West Texas. It was VERY cold (that = 30 something), and it was drizzling. Yes, we would have loved for it to turn into the white fluffy stuff, but that's a very rare occurrence around here. At any rate, it was definitely a stay inside kind of day. Luckily, I bought a fancy-schmancy Gingerbread House Kit! I didn't mention it to the boys until it was time to build. They were SO excited! And, I have to admit, I was, too! ;o)

I pulled two chairs up to the island - one on each side. I had them assemble the pieces as I "glued" them together with icing. *That stuff is crazy-sticky!* Then I used the spackle, er, I mean icing and lined the edges of the house and did some scallops on the roof (following the indentations on the gingerbread, of course). The candy was ready in individual bowls, and I set them in front of the boys. With wide eyes they stared at the house. I told them to get started decorating, and it's like they couldn't believe I was going to let them handle that much candy and icing and sugary stuff! So off they went - decorating, getting oooey-gooey, and giggling. I loved the giggling. And I kept hearing, "Look, Mommy! Look what I did!" Of course, one side of the island sounded like, "Wook, Mommy, WOOK!!" They did a fantastic job - even though they did sneak a few pieces of candy here and there.

I have to brag on myself, though... just a little. I actually just let them do it. I didn't try to control where or how they arranged the colorful candy creations. I let them enjoy the process, and I have to say that I definitely enjoy the product much more knowing THEY did it with their own ideas and imaginations!

Afterward, they got to munch on big marshmallows - green Christmas trees and pink (?) stars. For some reason, that seemed more acceptable than candy bagged in a kit from Wal-Mart that was goodness knows how old! ;o) *Of course, I took the opportunity to check Caleb's patterning skills before he stuffed his cheeks with those fluffy snacks!*

Get ready:

Get set:


So proud of their work:

Caleb reading his pattern:


Tina said...

Wonderful. I buy those awsome kits for the boys every year. It is one of the "highlights" of their Christmas season.

These are the times your boys will remember and daydream about when they are grown and probably doing the same with their children.

Great job Momma!

Melissa said...

Followed your link from the sunday school blog...

I spent the drizzly day reading Twilight, I never even thought to pull out the gingerbread kit from the pantry! I'll have to let the girls do it soon...I had forgotten that I picked one up until I saw your post!

Woodsy Ivy said...

Carey, Their gingerbread house is too cute! And your boys look pretty cute too, posing by their new creation! I've seen gingerbread kits at a couple different stores this year. I need to do that! The kids would love it! I know I would've when I was little.

Take care!