Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hanging of the Green... and Red, and Gold, and...

We had a great time decorating the Christmas tree this year! It actually went very quickly with two little helper elves bringing branches and hanging ornaments! The boys did GREAT - not one ornament broken or one hook stuck in a finger! :o) They were so proud of how their tree looked all decorated and lit. It was fun to see them so excited! They got a surprise after their bath... matching red and green footed jammies! (Caleb has worn his almost daily since he got them; dressing only when we have to leave the house! He even runs straight up the stairs when we get home to put them back on!!! I've never seen a kid love footed jammies so much! Is there a support group for his kind?)
Caleb filling in bare spots by using the ladder - "Only on the first step, Caleb!"

BUSTED! Are you going further than the first step, Caleb? Mmmmm-hmmmm...

Stopping to give Mommy some "Cheeky Wuv." Muh!

Daddy doing his thing - putting the finishing touch of twinkle on the top!

Proud of their new matching jammies!!

Warmin' up by the fire before turning in for the night. Sweet dreams, my loves!!

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Tina said...

Great pics! Beautiful tree. I decorate the entire house the day after Halloween, I know Iknow crazy but I LOOOOOVE Christmas, needless to say I am dubbed "the CRAZY Christmas Lady" I wear the title proudly!