Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sea World Trip... One Last Birthday Hurrah!

Well, it all started with our vacation back in May. We bought 2 day passes to Sea World thinking we would do the shows/rides one day and the warter park the next. We ended up liking our resort so much that we stayed there - a LOT - and we had 3 left over tickets to Sea World... that expire 12/31. For the last month or so, Caleb has been talking incessantly about going to Sea World. So, we decided that would be his birthday present! (Besides, who in their right mind could let 3 tickets sit in a glove compartment and expire? Ha! Not is THIS economy!!) While is was tiring, I'm glad we went... lots of fun was had by all!

Santa swimming in the aquarium after the fish feeding:

Caleb being very brave this trip and feeding the dolphins... even though they were freakishly aggressive this time!

Getting ready for Polar Express 4D! It was coooool!!! So cool, in fact, that it SNOWED!!

Entrance into the park... it was "snowing!"

Bill & Caleb enjoying the Shamu Express... not sure who had more fun!


Style Expert said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!

Leila said...

HOW FUN!! Polar express in 3D?? I'm so jealous! Cool!!! LOL at your Christmas photos - they look a lot like ours! Pjs and cookies and a tree sprinkled with presents - precious kids!!