Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Multitude of Christmases

Back when I was a little girl, Christmas included going to Nanny & PaPa's house on Christmas Eve to open our gifts, going to look at lights, going home to open ONE gift... then Christmas morning, all the Santa goodies, lunch at Nanny & PaPa's, and hanging out and playing with cousins. Wow... I thought THAT was a lot! My how times have changed!!

This year, Christmas began at my Auntie J's house where there were about 3 times more people than house to hold them, a ridiculously delicious turkey made by my cousin who is going to culinary school, and lots of re-introducing yourself to people because there were "newbies" and those you haven't seen in so long you couldn't remember their name... After that, several of us went to our Christmas Eve candle light service. It was beautiful as always, but this year - sharing it with Caleb for the first time - it was amazingly beautiful! (Even though he stared at the lit candle with saucer-sized eyes because this was the first time he had ever held something on fire!) After service was over, we went home to bake cookies and get things ready for Santa to make his big visit. This year was an absolute BLAST - both boys have a good understanding of Santa and wonder and excitement that it brings... to say they were excited is an understatement!
Getting ready for Santa:
Sportin' the Cowboy attire:
Connor's favorite gift:
Caleb's favorite gift:

After our Christmas morning, we went to Nanny's for lunch - the usual phenomenal turkey and dressing! *OH the dressing!!* We visited for a while, and then nap time called us all! Once nap was over, we went to my mom and dad's house (Granny & PaPa's) to have Christmas with them. The boys were excited to get a Cowboy's picnic table! Of course they ate dinner at it!

We had a day to rest, and then we started up again on Saturday... breakfast at Bill's dad and step-mom's house (Grandpa & Nana's), then gifts, watching the 6 cousins play, lunch of fajitas, and home for more napping!

The next evening was Christmas at Bill's mom and step-dad's house (Grandma & D-pop's) where we had a couple of different soups, breads, and other snacks before opening gifts and watching those same 6 cousins play yet again! (If you don't understand that scenario, you don't know my family very well! ;o)

At any rate... Christmas was full of hustle and bustle, filled with yummy foods, overflowing with great gifts, and surrounded by family.

Luckily, we know who to thank for all of these wonderful blessings, and we stopped several time to make sure to thank Him! If it weren't for that magical night when our Savior was born, we wouldn't be able to experience a blessing one... much less the multitude we are showered with each and every day.


Misty Jo said...

What a busy Christmas!! I think this year we all had a special Christmas. Noah just loved and enjoyed everything from making cookies to hanging ornaments, displaying all my MANY nativity scenes to opening presents. Conner, John Curtis, Evan, Jager, & Noah are all at such a great age to watch. Just seeing Noah so excited was all the present I needed this year. It is hard to believe that a child can bring so much joy. It looked like you all had a wonderful Christmas, too. God Bless You, All.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story! Took me back to when you were little & how much fun it was having a child in the house on Christmas morning!
You've done a great job little Momma!!
I Love you

Tina said...

I know you are most likely going to be taking a break from blogging for a little while but please know I think of you daily and pray for you daily. I will be your prayer warrior.

If you get a chance sometime and you feel up to it got check mu blog as i have send you a special little treat.

You are so loved.

Tina said...

I miss you. You are in my prayers daily. I know you will find the strength to geth through this storm.