Tuesday, June 5, 2012

'Tis been so blessed long since I've posted that my baby went and turned 3!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Howling Good Weekend!

At Great Wolf Lodge!  Good gracious... this has been in my drafts box for ages... Don't even have the energy to post a real post... just pics...

Carter Chance loved to howl like the wolves!
Ready for Story Time at the Clock Tower.
Sweet Wittle Wolfie
My Big Guy Wolf
Clock Tower
Nothing better than "room service."
Glimpse of water park from lobby...
Other part of park - Connor's favorite place.
The grand fire place!
 Everyone enjoying story time in the lobby at the Clock Tower.
 Carter Chance didn't know what to think about the talking characters...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Why The Heck...

...Does my blog have 39 followers?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Manic, Multi-Tasking, Mentor Mom

Today is Friday the 13th... 


Actually, it started yesterday with Caleb getting stung by a bee (for the first, and hopefully ONLY time), and our hot water heater crapping out on us.

So then comes today - the actual Friday the 13th.  And, once I type this out and someone reads it, I'm sure it will be totally ridiculous that I even felt overwhelmed, but... you get the point.

Here is my day, so far:

6:45 - Sink bath.  I can handle cold water in increments, so I bathed myself in sections via the sink rather than showering in ice pellets.
7:00 - Wake the Grumpy Bear. (1st-grader)

7:15 - Feed him, his 4 year old brother, and the bottomless pit (the almost 2 year old)

7:45 - Hugs and kisses bye to GB

8:00 - Upstairs to get younger 2 ready for Mom's Day Out.  Youngest doesn't usually go, but needs to due to babysitting arrangements being different and my need to be at Field Day with GB

8:45 - Rush little ones to MDO so I can get to Field Day.  Get to school, realize I signed up for snack today and don't have any.

9:00 - Rush to grocery store to grab a healthy snack for 12.

9:15 - Drop off snack

9:30 - Sign in at GB's school, go find him on the field.  Giggle at him hula-hooping like he's been doing it for years.  (No idea where he learned THAT!)  Follow him around station to station, enjoying the feeling of "Yeah, we so did the right thing by moving him here."  Text back and forth with my teachers and my coordinator - working from Field Day.

11:30 - Sign out and head to MDO to pick up little ones.

11:45 - Drive through the golden arches to give my children high fat nutrition

12:10 - Get home, scarf burger, realize I cannot sign in to my work email.  Text Coordinator to get conference call information.

12:30 - Begin conference call.  Take littlest one to his bed for nap.  Begin skype with Coordinator to discuss conference call in progress.  Help middle one turn on Wii.  Take notes on conference call, skype.  Text with a teacher, pull up reports for her, email her instructions on how to create same report that I attached via email.  Take notes on conference call, skype.  Answer garage door as plumbers show up to deal with dead hot water heater.  Take more notes, skype.  Text teacher to see if she got email.  Check on sleeping Littlest One.  Take notes, skpe.  Check on plumbers.  Text another teacher about incorrect assessment results.  Take notes.  Email mom and text babysitter about abnormal arrangements for tomorrow so that the Mr. and I can scoot out of town for a Ranger's Game.  Take notes, skype.  Take Middle One upstairs to lay him down.  Come back downstairs to close out conference call.  It was not a happy one, by the way.

2:45 - Discuss plumber's thoughts/ideas with the Mr.

3:00 - Tell Middle One he is going to be EARLY tonight because he is still not asleep.

3:15 - Welcome home the completely UNgrumpy GB who had the best day EVER at school!  :)

3:20 - Send GB and Middle One to take care of dogs' food and water.  Chase ground squirrel just for fun.

3:30 - Decide to bore you with my life.

3:40 - Hear Littlest One waking up.

3:45 - Signing off.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Should Be Working...

But, guess what? Um... I'm not. I'm sitting in the quiet of my shared office while everyone else is out hustling and bustling. Yesterday was the first time in weeks that I haven't been a wad of worry over the upcoming culmination of my time as a TSR! Mentor. I think that it probably has something to do with the weekend that led to yesterday's letting go of some of that worry. ::shrugs:: I spent the weekend in New Braunfels at the T Bar M Resort on a Women's Retreat with some amazing women from my church.

I have to begin by being very honest... I wasn't looking forward to this retreat the week leading up to it. I was thinking of all of the things I needed to be doing - should be doing - and thinking how I was just taking time away from my kids and my to-do list(s). However, knowing the check had already cleared for my retreat payment, I packed my things. We headed down to the resort Friday. It was nice and cool when we got there, and the facility is just beautiful. We enjoyed a good message and some great music in the cool night air. We sat by a fire and enjoyed s'mores. It was good. But little did I know what was to come...

Saturday we had a great message, and I think I've quoted Jill 100 times already saying, "If Satan can't make you bad, he'll make you busy!" Amen to that. After some quiet time, some Low Ropes Exercises that were PHENOMENAL and lunch, we broke up into pairs and groups to go do our own thing. I went shopping with a few friends - even though I said I would NOT and that I would NOT spend any money! I did. And I'm actually wearing one of my new shirts today. : \ We made it back in time for the High Ropes activities that, like shopping, I said I would NOT participate in. Well, I participated... a little. I refused The Screamer, but I screamed and cheered for my brave friends while I kept my coward feet on the ground. I wanted so much to move on and do the Zip Line! Woo-hooo! However, to get to the fun part, you have to do a not-so-fun part... a scary part... a hard part... I almost said no because of that, but decided that sometimes you have to make it through the "rough parts" to enjoy "the ride." So I did... almost in tears from the height and breathing as if I were in labor, I climbed to the top of a telephone pole, crossed a tight rope, and made it to "the ride." I heard cheers and encouragement from my friends below, and THAT is what got me through the "rough part." And then, during "the ride," I was the one screaming! But screaming "Wooooooo-hoooooooooo!" and giggling and loving what I had conquered. Thank you, God, for the ride.

After that, a few of us - thinking we were still in our teens (or just dumb) decided to play a little sand volleyball. Oh, we had a grand time - eating sand as we dove for the ball like it was the high school state championship. How our arms stung when we (would actually) hit and volley the ball. But the giggles, the outright guffaws, the high-fives, and the "Stayin' Alive" cheers made the grit, grime, and groans so worth it! Then we moved on to worship, dinner, dancing (yes, we are Baptist!), and then...

The Tree House. Sorry... can't go there. What is said in the Tree House STAYS in the Tree House! ;) Right, Girls? Even if it was delirious 1 a.m. conversation!

Waking up Sunday was hard. It HURT. I. Am. Old. Blah. However, we went and had breakfast, had some Focus Time, and then Communion Service. It was so touching. I shared the Body of Christ with my mom as she served me the Blood - shed for me. And after that, my life took a turn. I awkwardly interrupted some friends talking - didn't know what to do - stood there like a doof - and finally left. I had to convince myself to only walk, as I wanted to RUN AWAY because I felt so dumb. But walk I did until I came to a beautiful, wooden swing in the trees where I sat and sobbed. I haven't been able to cry in SO LONG. And I so needed that.

And then... the part that I think of the most... was a certain someone coming to me to share part of herself with me. It's was heart-breaking and heart-warming all at the same time. And I now feel a connection to this person that I don't think I can even lose. (At least, I hope I will never lose.) It was just so funny to find out that for years now we have had the same thoughts about SO MANY THINGS in life - and even about each other! Just astounding, really.

This weekend was just what I needed... and then some. I am so thankful for every ache, bruise, bug bite, secret, tear, giggle, hug, and friend I experienced this weekend. Thank you, Lord!

Oh, and...


Do what?


I'm just sayin'...


Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Month In To The New Year...

So many things are new...

So many things the still the same...

Since I dropped of the face of the blogging planet, so many things have happened in my life. I ended up going back to work. It's a new experience as I am now an Early Childhood Teacher Mentor for the University of Texas Houston. Still a little the same as I am still a "teacher," and I'm still in the classroom. The best part is - I love this job. I truly do. But - before I get on a soapbox about how great, wonderful, important, etc. this job is... I'll just go ahead and let you know that it's over in May. The lovely state of the budget has led to the axing of the grant that funds this job (and the support of SO MANY children who NEED this). So, as of May 31st, I'll be unemployed.

My job has definitely kept me busy. It's brought a lovely person to our family (Ms. Tina) who cares for my kids during the day. She is beautiful, sweet, and loves my kids. She's been beyond a blessing to our family! My job even took me to the beach for a week! Not that I got to see much of it as I was freezing my fanny off in the hotel conference rooms learning so much about my job. But there was one nice lunch break that was warm and cozy, and I enjoyed it very much:

I have a new walker and talker in my life. I'm enjoying the "newness of life" through my 3rd Chance. The "Uh-oh," "wight" (light), "wee" (tree), "go-ggie" (doggy), pretending to blow his nose, washing his own tummy... the list could go on and on. While it's the same things that are seen and done every day - living it as something new through him brings a certain appreciation to the little things.

Then there's the biggest newness. A newness that I just don't like. I often wonder if I've taken the time to allow this newness to really sink in and be a part of the life I live from here on out. I want to ignore this newness. But the truth is... I can't.

The newness is living without my Nanny. She passed away after a 52 hour illness. She was 2 months shy of being 92. I held her hand through much of that illness. I talked to her and stroked her soft, wrinkled, beautiful skin. I always loved her soft skin. I held her hand and whispered in her ear that we would be ok and that we love her so much. I held her hand and told her she could go to heaven if she wanted to. I held her hand when she took her last breath and moved on to her heavenly home. I held her hand and cried. Cried for my selfish soul who knew life without her cantankerous, wonderful, loving self would be so new and so hard. And it is. I miss her more than I talk about or let on to. I miss her for my kids. My middle child often asks if my heart is still sad because of Nanny. And I honestly answer that yes - it is. I know that one day I will get to give her a big hug again and that I'll get to hold her soft, hard-worked hand. But, until then, a new part of my life includes a sad place in my heart for one of the most incredible women I've ever had the privilege of knowing.

So many new things... and oh how I wish a few were still the same.