Friday, May 13, 2011

Manic, Multi-Tasking, Mentor Mom

Today is Friday the 13th... 


Actually, it started yesterday with Caleb getting stung by a bee (for the first, and hopefully ONLY time), and our hot water heater crapping out on us.

So then comes today - the actual Friday the 13th.  And, once I type this out and someone reads it, I'm sure it will be totally ridiculous that I even felt overwhelmed, but... you get the point.

Here is my day, so far:

6:45 - Sink bath.  I can handle cold water in increments, so I bathed myself in sections via the sink rather than showering in ice pellets.
7:00 - Wake the Grumpy Bear. (1st-grader)

7:15 - Feed him, his 4 year old brother, and the bottomless pit (the almost 2 year old)

7:45 - Hugs and kisses bye to GB

8:00 - Upstairs to get younger 2 ready for Mom's Day Out.  Youngest doesn't usually go, but needs to due to babysitting arrangements being different and my need to be at Field Day with GB

8:45 - Rush little ones to MDO so I can get to Field Day.  Get to school, realize I signed up for snack today and don't have any.

9:00 - Rush to grocery store to grab a healthy snack for 12.

9:15 - Drop off snack

9:30 - Sign in at GB's school, go find him on the field.  Giggle at him hula-hooping like he's been doing it for years.  (No idea where he learned THAT!)  Follow him around station to station, enjoying the feeling of "Yeah, we so did the right thing by moving him here."  Text back and forth with my teachers and my coordinator - working from Field Day.

11:30 - Sign out and head to MDO to pick up little ones.

11:45 - Drive through the golden arches to give my children high fat nutrition

12:10 - Get home, scarf burger, realize I cannot sign in to my work email.  Text Coordinator to get conference call information.

12:30 - Begin conference call.  Take littlest one to his bed for nap.  Begin skype with Coordinator to discuss conference call in progress.  Help middle one turn on Wii.  Take notes on conference call, skype.  Text with a teacher, pull up reports for her, email her instructions on how to create same report that I attached via email.  Take notes on conference call, skype.  Answer garage door as plumbers show up to deal with dead hot water heater.  Take more notes, skype.  Text teacher to see if she got email.  Check on sleeping Littlest One.  Take notes, skpe.  Check on plumbers.  Text another teacher about incorrect assessment results.  Take notes.  Email mom and text babysitter about abnormal arrangements for tomorrow so that the Mr. and I can scoot out of town for a Ranger's Game.  Take notes, skype.  Take Middle One upstairs to lay him down.  Come back downstairs to close out conference call.  It was not a happy one, by the way.

2:45 - Discuss plumber's thoughts/ideas with the Mr.

3:00 - Tell Middle One he is going to be EARLY tonight because he is still not asleep.

3:15 - Welcome home the completely UNgrumpy GB who had the best day EVER at school!  :)

3:20 - Send GB and Middle One to take care of dogs' food and water.  Chase ground squirrel just for fun.

3:30 - Decide to bore you with my life.

3:40 - Hear Littlest One waking up.

3:45 - Signing off.