Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home - The Pics!

Home Sweet Home

It's official. We. Are. HOME. And, in all actuality, we've been home since July 16th. It's been a mess of a thing, this move, but well worth it now that we're here!

The movers came on the morning of the 16th - we had gotten the boys up, we had scarfed some breakfast, gotten dressed... it was moving day! The movers loaded us up - took quite a bit longer than they expected (which was a good thing). As we pulled up, the carpet was just being finished on the stairs, so the movers got a 15 minute break. Amazingly, everything got moved in (well all of the things the movers were moving) without major problems/damage. I, as usual, was expecting the worst! This is all good news, RIGHT? Right. Ready for the bad? Here it comes... just 2 words... and those of you from Texas (or the South, respectively, will understand)...

No. A/C.

Yep, that's right... all moved in to our new home, and it literally felt like the pit of Hell - as far as heat goes, of course! So, after much contemplating, we made the decision to spend one more night in the Mayfair house. We made a pallet in the living room floor for Caleb, set up Connor's pack-n-play, and threw an old mattress in the living room floor to "have a camp out" with Caleb. We tried to make it fun for him - because it was pretty miserable for us! And here's the kicker on this topic... Grandma had taken Caleb to the movies so that we could work on moving that evening, and when they finished with the movie, he said, "Grandma, I think I'm gonna cry." "Why?" she asked, "Are you ok?" "Oh, yeah, Grandma. I'm fine. It's HAPPY tears that I want to cry." "Really? Why happy tears?" "'Cause we're going to sleep in our NEW HOUSE tonight!" At that point, her heart sank because she knew that wasn't going to happen. Thankfully, in our exhaustion, we were able to make it fun enough having a "slumber party" that he didn't mind a bit.

Back to the house... We were able to get the a/c fixed and officially move in (sleeping included) on the 17th. YAY!!!!

Now let me tell you about this address fiasco... Our new one: 605 Ashford Ct. Did you get that COURT on the end? Well, most people DON'T! Including utility companies, technicians, delivery personnel, you name it. There is a 605 Ashford DRIVE a stone's throw away, and the confusion has been more than a pain for the Peacock household! We almost didn't get electricity because they saw that 605 Ashford had service already - so why go set up a new box and start service? Luckily, my extremely with-it and on-top-of-things husband got the job done! Go, B! Same thing with cable... they argued with me that we had had service for 2 years - wouldn't listen when I told them the house was only 1 week old! *rolling eyes* The hits just keep on coming... especially with the electric company! We got 3 bills in 2 days... 1 for the last month on Mayfair, which is fine and expected - except for the $250 termination fee! We didn't terminate - we transferred! Then the 2nd bill... for a reading between 20,000kw and 22,000kw... kind of hard to get a reading like that from a BRAND NEW BOX! Funny thing... they read and billed us for Ashford DRIVE. Then the final one - billed for the correct address but for the wrong price/kwH. *rolling eyes* It's been ridiculous... especially the "nice" lady who basically told Bill he was lying and trying to get out of paying his bill! WHAT?!?!?! *sigh* It's all neither here nor there now since he finally talked to someone who would shut up long enough to listen. And, as for the name of the street - I've gotten it changed (after it goes through City Council), and our 2nd new address will be 605 London Ct. Hopefully, that will help!

Well, that's all for now... I've gotta run... our jacuzzi tub just arrived! (Yep, we've had a big hole in the bathroom just waiting.) However, I'll leave you with pictures of 605 mean London Ct!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

7 Years and 2 Kids...

That's what I'm packing up in preparation for The Move.

And let me tell you... no matter what I get done, I feel like I've accomplished nothing. Nada. Zip... zilch... zero.

Could it be because as I'm packing Connor's closet I come across a bag full of cards... cards from Caleb's and Connor's baby showers. I can't help but read a few... just a few... ok, all of them - and cry. Tears of joy remembered and felt all over again. How amazing those times were - getting ready to welcome them to our family.

Could it be because as I'm packing drawers of STUFF I come across pictures of when we first moved in here. Pictures of our first Christmas here. Pictures of my babies when they were brought home. And, yes - of course this included some more tears!

Granted, there are no decorations in my living room. My china cabinet is empty. My cupboards are empty. My "pantry" is half empty. I've boycotted cooking for the next week and packed all pots, pans, and bake ware. There are 6 huge boxes sitting by the garage door, yet I feel like I've accomplished nothing. Why? I wonder...

I haven't moved in sooooo long. I forgot how moving really is. It is tiring. It is annoying. It is frustrating. It is tiring. It is difficult. It is no fun. Did I mention it's tiring? Exhausting, really. So far, all it has done is made me painfully aware of how organized I'm NOT and remind me how badly I wish I was!

Oh - and get this... movers are scheduled to be here bright and early Wednesday morning, and as of now, our new house isn't even completed!! Yep - you read right. No carpet. No tub. Back door has to be fixed where someone decided they wanted in really badly so they kicked it in, breaking the entire jam. Needless to say, we are crossing our fingers to get a certificate of occupancy by Wednesday so we can have electricity and gas turned on! Oh - this process... it's a crazy one!

Well, I guess I'd better get back to it... I'm no where near getting through these 7 years... maybe only 2 years of the way through. And I certainly haven't bundled all of what my 2 kids have added... I think that's more than the 7 years worth of stuff - FOR SURE!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It Happened! It Really Happened!!!

What is IT, you ask? If you have to ask that question, we haven't talked in about 6 months! IT = we got a contract on our house!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! *insert goofy grinning smiley here*

It has been a tough couple - few weeks at the Peacock house. Stress, worry, and tension have been at an all time high. Then, this past Friday night, we went out with our good neighbor-friends for therapy night. They spent all of dinner reassuring us that it was going to be ok (much like everyone else in our lives - thank you all). I have to admit, by the end of the night, when we picked the kids up from church, I had a little better outlook and felt just a tiny bit more positive. Then we got home. 10:00 p.m. There was a message. It was from a couple who had looked at the house twice during the week, and they wanted to come for a third look the next morning. WHAT?! Bill and I had gotten to where we didn't say anything when someone wanted to look at the house. It used to be, "Maybe this is the one, Babe," or "I gotta good feeling this time." This time: nothing. We went about our night time routine (an hour and a half late), got the kiddos in bed, and went to bed ourselves. Apparently, both of our insides were stewing with "what ifs" and "maybes" because neither one of us slept. Matter of fact, we watched TV from 2 -4 a.m. Still, nothing was said about "it." No "maybe, Baby's." No nothin'.

Saturday arrived, as did the family of 4 who liked our house enough to want to see it for the 3rd time. Bill is great. He's just such a people person... he can talk to anyone. I love that about him. Even when a potential buyer is the new upper management of the "opposing" hospital in town! Caleb didn't know - nor care - who they were. All he knows is he's got his little heart set on his "new room!" So, as we're walking them to the door in closing of their 3rd visit, Caleb asks (not quietly), "Do they like it, Mommy? Are they gonna buy it?" All I could do was grin at his innocence and sincere curiosity. "I don't know, Baby. We'll see." Well, I guess they did and they are! About an hour later they called with the good news. About an hour after that their realtor called to get our information. This took it out of the surreal nook I had placed it in and spread it all out on the real table. At this point, Bill and could do nothing more than hug. Hug tightly. Hug so that our bodies could speak without words saying, "We're gonna be ok." We went on about our Saturday - Lowe's, lunch at DQ (yuck!), and Home Depot. We got THE call while at Home Depot that there was a contract, and it was ready for US. Needless to say, we zipped over to the office and signed that bad boy!!! (Even though I had a teeny tiny issue with one thing, I did just as my brilliant husband instructed: Shut up and sign.

And there you have it. It REALLY happened!! Even though (on my part, at least) just about all hope had faded, and I just knew God was answering this prayer with a NO, it happened. You know that whole thing about "Oh Ye of little faith?" Well, here I am... raising my hand, fessing up to that one - yet being blessed like I was faithful the entire time. *hanging head in shame*