Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stop Blogging? Yeah... Right... When Pigs Fly!

Well, the "piggy flu" hasn't stopped me, but WOW has it ever slowed me down! Granted, the things I'm including in this blog happened LONG before I began my oinking adventure, I kept putting them off and putting them off... and, eventually, the pigs flew over this peacock, landed HARD, and put everything on my to-do list on a screeeeeeeeeeching hault! So, to quickly wrap up what has gone on, I've created a few smilebox slideshows to show what's been going on - during WELL times!

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Caleb turned SIX!

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And my kids are just stinkin' cute!

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bad Blogger! Bad, Bad Blogger!!

The backs of my hands are flaming red because I scolded myself for not blogging in quite a while... Note to self: next time scold AFTER typing out the apologetic blog!

*sigh* Let's see... since my last blog there's been so much take place, so I'll just do a quick highlight of some events.

*Caleb had his Thanksgiving Feast at school - complete with an entire village made by the kindergarten class to represent the first Thanksgiving. Very cool. And - probably THE most important part - Caleb got to do the Turkey Tango... an adorable dance only done by Kindergartners at Sierra Vista.

*We went to our friends' house after story time where the kids were treated to fruit turkeys (Alyson rocks the planet), lots of play time, and making/eating turkey cookies - a sure-fire way to make sure naps are taken. Or not. I'm just sayin...

*I turned 34. We celebrated at my favorite restaurant. Enough said about that.

*Thanksgiving at Nanny's. The absolute BEST dressing she's made in years! And - my boys pretended to put on make-up at Nanny's vanity... just as I used to do. <3

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

To be terribly honest, this day has always been a day that really just came and went for me. I would notice all of the additional flags along the business fronts as I drove through town, but that was really the extent of it. And now, I'm embarrassed to admit that. Last week - November 5th, 2009 - 13 men and women were shot and killed at Fort Hood. Like so many others, I was angered and saddened to see and hear about these events.

Then... my heart was broken. I found out a dear friend's brother was at Fort Hood and could not be reached during this day. I saw her posts on Facebook - could hear the fear in her status updates as she asked if anyone had heard anything. I followed the news and her updates through the day. That evening, I sent her a text to see what she had heard. A wave of thankfulness came upon me as her returning text read, "He's not on the deceased list. *I think*"

Unfortunately, as I was rushing to get Caleb to school the next morning, I saw my phone... and the 2 texts that awaited me. I didn't even have to read them. I knew. I just knew. Begrudgingly, I clicked on them and saw that they were from two fellow friends informing me that my friend Leila had indeed lost her beloved brother Jason Dean Hunt. My heart broke right then and there for her, and I cried the rest of the drive to Caleb's school - trying to explain to an almost six year old why I was crying.

In the past week I have gone through so many emotions - sadness as I cry for what Leila's going through... being reminded of her pain each time I see her on t.v. and the pictures of Jason that are shown over and over. Anger has been a big part of my feelings as well - why did this have to happen?! Helplessness - because I just can't do enough to let Leila know she's so important to me and that I just really want to be there for her.

I am going to Oklahoma this weekend to attend her brother's funeral because it is all I know to do to offer as much support as I possibly can. All I can continue to do is pray for Leila and her family in this time of great pain and sadness. And I do pray. I pray God grants them peace in all of this and reveals to them His plan for their lives in honoring and remembering Jason.

And, from this Veteran's Day on, I vow to be more aware and conscious of our troops and the amazing job they do - both abroad and AT HOME - to keep each and every one of us as safe as they possibly can.

Thank you, Jason Dean Hunt, for your service and dedication to our country. And thank you, Leila Hunt Willingham, for sharing your brother with us and the amazing love that has been and will always be between you. He would have chosen you each and every day to be his beautiful big sister.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Connor!

What an absolutely amazing time Connor had turning three! That's right... THREE!!! We had a back yard carnival to celebrate this milestone - complete with cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, a trampoline decorated in carousel fashion, and a CLOWN!! It was so much fun - even the adults enjoyed themselves!

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Happy Halloween 2009!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

$20 Worth of Pics...

My friend Alyson and I took our kiddos to a local pumpkin patch this morning to snap some pics and let them play in the pumpkins. As I drove up, Alyson came up to me and told me about a make-shift sign as you walk up to the patch. It read:

"Pictures for customers only. $20 minimum." o.O

Um... excuse me? Seriously? We were quite annoyed with this rule of the patch! This is not the case with the one at Caleb's school. However, since we were already all unloaded, we decided to go ahead and let the boys go around and play and see all of the decorations they had around. As we saw how cute the decor was, we really wanted some pictures! We contemplated buying things - wondering if we spent $20 collectively that we would both be able to snap pics! Alyson eventually grabbed a basket and threw some honey and pecans in there and let John Curtis pick a little pumpkin. I started pricing some pumpkins and told the gentleman that I'd need some honey, as well. I kid you not, the minute he saw us take out the cameras, he watched like a hawk! It was kind of amusing... I wondered if he'd try to take my camera away since I hadn't forked over my Andrew Jackson yet. I started putting some decorative pumpkins and gourds in a basket, and he quickly came and said, "Let me take that for you!" (dollar signs in his eyes). Finally, we'd had our fill of the patch and picture posing, so we went to check out. My total: $19.89. Ooooops. ;o) At any rate, if you round up, here are my $20 worth of Pumpkin Patch Pictures! (And, no, there are none of Carter Chance - he was napping happily in the stroller!)

Connor trying to move this Cinderella pumpkin:

"If I only had a brain!" Loved this scarecrow!

"Mom! What's dis?!"

Couldn't believe the pose and grin from this kid! He's usually impossible!


Oh!!! We went to Caleb's Kindergarten Open House this evening. It was so cool to see all the amazing things he's been working on. The very coolest thing was the Weather Center. I've heard Caleb talk about the Weather Center a LOT. He took us straight to it - told us all about it... seeming so proud. One of his teachers came up to talk to us, and I was telling her about Caleb's adoration of that particular center when she informed me that Caleb was the reason that center was there! He came up with it! He had started gathering things (maps, a pointer, a phone, etc.) and pretending to be a weather man. Due to his interest, the teachers gathered other things and created an entire center dedicated to weather. I think that is awesome!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Sweet Punkins

Crazy as I may be, I decided to try to grab a few quick pics of my sweet little guys in the pumpkin patch after picking Caleb and Connor up from school on Friday afternoon. Yeah - after school - when we should be going home for snack and nap time! Crazy? Yeah - that's me! However, I think I got a couple of good shots!
Well, I guess not ALL of the pictures were great... I still think it's cute!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood!

This is what Daddy says when feeding Carter Chance! Yep... feeding... as in cereal, sweet potatoes, a big boy in a high chair... and Mommy crying on the inside. I don't know why, but it's killllllling me to see this baby growing up. Fast, too fast... he's just growing too fast.

But let me tell ya... Carter Chance loves him some cereal and sweet taters!! He has been BY FAR the easiest of our three children to feed for the first time. Like a baby bird, he sat there focused on the food at hand, mouth WIDE open. And smile... oh my gosh that baby was smiling for the sweet taters! Bitter-sweet as it may be for this mommy who feels like her baby is growing too fast and just not needing her as much any more, it was a lot of fun seeing him embark on his newest adventure.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weekend of Travel

Our weekend was supposed to consist of both Canton Trade Days AND the Texas State Fair. The weather, however, changed our plans. We did make the Canton Trade Days - made it to Canton Friday night to stay with our friends Greg and Nan. We stayed with them in their new cabin and woke up to attempt Trade Days. It. Was. HUGE. I keep saying it's like Disney World - you simply cannot see it all in one day! We found several things we would have liked to have brought home with us, but - in the end - the only purchases we made were that of food. You know the kind... greasy, fried, and all-together unhealthy yet uber tasty! We spent Saturday in Canton. Nan and I swatted at mosquitos on the back porch while the boys napped. We enjoyed the rain as it rolled in... and stayed. After a quick BBQ dinner, we headed to Plano to stay with Bill's sister and family. Our plans included going to the State Fair Sunday morning, but the very cool, rainy weather kept us indoors. I don't think the kids minded at all - they really enjoyed some play time in their pj's all morning long. It was a good time. Finally, after a quick trip to Kohl's, we headed home. It was fast and furious, but it was a good weekend... and good practice for the kids in having to be in the car for long, long periods of time! (More on THAT later!)

The wedding area on the grounds of Mill Creek (where Greg & Nan's cabin is located).
Just lovin' on my blue-eyed baby boy.
FUNNEL CAKE!!! *Thank goodness we got on in Canton since we were jipped on the tasty fried foods of the Texas State Fair!
Kid-sized corn dogs! Mmmmm...
And, of course, Dippin' Dots.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Carter Chance

Thank you for making these last four months some of the happiest I've ever known. I love you more and more every single day, My Love. I look forward to waking up to your drooly smile each and every morning. I am truly blessed.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Time Passes Quickly...

You blink, and it's gone. Time. A precious commodity that, once you lose, you can never gain back. You think it passes quickly. Then you have a child. It speeds up. Then you have another child, and it seems someone is pushing your foot down harder on the gas pedal of life. The next thing you know, you're three precious blessings in, and it's as if you're the star of the Daytona 500 (or whatever the name of that race is!), and you're going so fast that life is a blur. Seems as if only yesterday I was holding my baby Caleb for the first time. Scared, excited, amazed at being a mom to that sweet little one. Then came Connor... and now, Carter Chance is with us - and he's already 3 1/2 months old! WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?! Three children really do (in my opinion) take much more in time requirements than 2 ever did. And it's so funny that I always dreamed of having one child, yet here I am with three - and loving it. So... while this thing called time - AND LIFE - have sped by, I've enjoyed summer with my guys, sent my oldest off to Kindergarten, moved my middle child up to his new MDO class, and took my baby for his 3 month pics. *gigantic sigh* I had better leave off here - with a few pics, of course, because as I sit typing time is a-flyin'...

My trio of rock stars:

Ready for their first day of school:

Happy to be a Kindergartener:

Ready for Ms. "Jemifuh's" class:
(and I know it looks as if I drugged him to get him to school, but he was in mid-blink!)

And my sweet Carter Chance @ 3 whole months:

A blessing, indeed:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

How Do We Celebrate Rain in West Texas?

By stripping down to your undies and doing the Rain Dance of Praise, of course! (AKA: puddle jumping!)

Happy Birthday, America!

As is tradition, we celebrated at a family friend's lake house in Blackwell. We werre surrounded with good friends, good food, great fireworks, lots of fun, and true appreciation for those who have and continue to make July 4th the special day that it is!