Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday Night Fun

Friday night. It's becoming our thing. And I like it. Although Caleb is under the weather, he had a good couple hours of energy and feel-good time. And we took advantage of it! The boys were playing in the floor where it looked like Geoffrey Giraffe had thrown up the entire contents of Toys R Us. I was cleaning up from our meal of homemade chicken and dumplings (my first attempt - not too bad). *Caleb ate 2 helpings!!!* It was then Bill got the urge for some tunes. Since we have Dish Network, we have Sirius radio on the TV, which can then be pumped throughout the house thanks to Bill's big boy toys of speakers and sound zones to cover each room. *rolling eyes* Anyway - he found a 90's station. My heart is fluttering this morning as I think about it again. I never realized how much I LOVED THE MUSIC OF THE 90'S!!!! The memories that flood back from just the first few notes or the guitar riff in the middle of the song... *sigh* Luckily, the boys thought the music was pretty cool, and they danced. And they danced, and they danced, and they DANCED!!! And Bill and me... we giggled. We moaned sighs of "Yes!" when a new song would start. We bobbed our heads in sync to Beck's "Loser." At one point, I was in the kitchen preparing some dessert when I was swept up by my crazy husband, and we were suddenly dancing to a familiar tune. And, if memory serves, it wasn't really a song for couples to dance together to... But - who cares - we were in our kitchen dancing away. Wow. It was a good time.

We wound the evening down with some fall leaf pastries that I made: leaf-shaped pie crusts stuffed with butterscotch morsels and orange/cinnamon flavored pecans... baked to a golden brown and sprinkled with green, red, and yellow sugar to look like fall leaves. You know - the big, beautiful ones we don't really see in our neck of the woods! We all chugged our glasses of milk and headed upstairs to get ready for bed. We definitely had ourselves some Friday night FUN!!

That's about the time Caleb's coughing, sneezing, and stuffiness returned with a a vengeance.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Caleb's Preschool Pics

And I thhink they turned out fabulous!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Turkey in Disguise!

Caleb brought home a "project" that we were to do together called Turkey in Disguise. We were supposed to disguise our turkey so that it wouldn't get eaten for Thanksgiving Dinner... well, we disguised ours, alright. And I think rather fittingly!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We Had a Wonderful Weekend!

The funny part is - the weekend didn't turn out as planned, but it turned out GREAT!
Connor and I stopped off Friday before picking Caleb up from school to grab some movies. Friday evening came around, and I got the boys showered and into some comfy jammies (football jammies, of course!). We came back down stairs and I popped some popcorn for the boys and put in Nim's Island. (Caleb LOVES that movie!) They were clean, comfy, had their OWN bowls of popcorn, and were ready...

While Connor made it through about 8 1/2 minutes of the movie, Caleb was glued to the big screen from beginning to end. Bill and I relaxed in our love seat while Connor entertained himself at the workbench - snacking on a popcorn or two every now and again. I started wanting something sweet, so my sweetie made homemade Mexican Wedding Cookies for me!! I sooooo love him!

I wish I could say we all got to sleep in Saturday morning, but that wasn't the case. We did get to cuddle in bed with Connor for a little while (to keep him quiet) until he started begging for "break-set." We all ate breakfast and got dressed and remembered the Veteran's Day Parade was downtown at 11:00. We had plenty of time, and the weather was fantastic, so we headed downtown. I was embarrassed when I realized that my kiddos had actually never attended a parade before!

I'm so glad we went!! They. Loved. It.

The boys standing in awe as they watched our men and women in uniform parade in front of us.

Caleb playing his "instrument." He LOVED the bands!!
Only in Texas do you have saddled longhorns as the finale!!
We had a great time at our Veteran's Day Parade!
Sunday was great, too. We had a great sermon, enjoyed a fabulous lunch - just the four of us, had some nice nap time, and just enjoyed one another's company. *Big sigh* What a great weekend!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Connor-Bonnor!

It's official.

My baby is two.

While I'm sad that my baby is two, I'm elated at the fun we had celebrating his becoming the "big boy" that he is! We had a wonderful time at his froggy birthday party! I've told so many that it was the most relaxed, laid back, enjoyable birthday party I've ever given!!!

The weather couldn't have been more perfect on the afternoon of November 1st, 2008. We set up the deck with tables and chairs and waited for the fun to happen. Pizza showed up, and then guests started arriving shortly after. Granny, Pa Pa, and Nanny were the first to arrive with more than 2 dozen balloons in tow. Connor was in awe at all of the "boons!"

The first (and dare I say BEST) gift of Connor's birthday was some one-on-one time with Nanny - my grandmother. They were lost in conversation when I took full advantage of the zoom lens to capture their special time together.

The froggy cake was uber cute! It was made by Connor's Nana - a tradition, basically, that started with Caleb's 2nd birthday. She's made all of the birthday cakes since. Thanks, Nana!

Connor loved the cake - thought it was cute! He'd even point and giggle at it. However, once the cutting of the cake began, he was ready to dig in and had had enough with the photo ops. At this point, he was just looking at me like, "Can I eat cake already, Mommy?"

In between eating pizza and cake, the kiddos just ran and played - enjoying time spent on the "trampotine" and the play set. The back yard was filled with the sounds of happy giggles. And, in the middle of it all, was my smiling 2 year old. It was so much fun to see him enjoying his big day. My heart was filled with joy for him.

Opening gifts was fun, too. He loved yanking the tissue out of the bags to see what treasures he could find. The funniest thing was after he opened the jeans from Nanny, he would NOT put them down for anything! I tried to take them so that he could open another gift only to get, "No! Jeans! My jeans!" And he would go on with a one-handed opening technique that seemed to work rather well for him!

*sigh* What a magical day.

I love my new 2 year old.

Halloween Fun!

Halloween for the Peacock family is busy. Fun, but busy. Our "routine" is to start at my Nanny's house where Mom and Dad meet us to see the boys in all their cuteness. We usually grab a totally non-nutritional dinner (this year: Chick-fil-A) and scarf it down before the trick-or-treating commences. Mom and Dad then walk them across the street to two of Nanny's neighbors' homes to show them off.

Once we finish our fun at Nanny's, we head to church for Trunk or Treat. It's always fun to see our church family dressed up and oohing and ahhhing over the kids. (Grandma was there handing out candy, too... I think they got a handful at her trunk rather than a couple of pieces!)

Caleb and his friend Sophie
Connor wasn't sure what to think of the "life size pumpkin man."
After Trunk or Treat, we head a few blocks over to Bill's dad and step-mom's house. We usually hang out there a while, let the boys have a treat, and let them hand out candy to the first of the trick-or-treaters to start ringing the bell. In years past, we have left Grandpa and Nana's house to go to Bill's mom and step-dad's house to do the same - hang out, have a treat, and hand out candy. However, we had hung out with Grandma and D-Pop the previous night at her work's fall festival, so we headed home - especially because my aunt and uncle had called and wanted to see the boys. After visiting with Auntie J and Uncle Tinker for a bit, we realized it was still early and our neighborhood was crawling with trick-or-treaters! (This is our first Halloween where we've been home early enough to still see t-o-ters out! So, we busted out the double stroller and headed out for our own trick-or-treating. While walking to the first house, I realized Caleb had never done this before as he asked, "We just walk up to their house and knock on the door and ask for candy?" It was cute. And, believe me, it did NOT take long for them to get the hang of it! As a matter of fact, Mr. Froggy didn't want to LEAVE a house after getting his treats! He would stand there and literally STARE at them like, "I see more candy in your bowl. Quit holding out on me." It was a great night full of fun and treats - no tricks to be had by any of us! *WHEW*