Saturday, September 12, 2009

Time Passes Quickly...

You blink, and it's gone. Time. A precious commodity that, once you lose, you can never gain back. You think it passes quickly. Then you have a child. It speeds up. Then you have another child, and it seems someone is pushing your foot down harder on the gas pedal of life. The next thing you know, you're three precious blessings in, and it's as if you're the star of the Daytona 500 (or whatever the name of that race is!), and you're going so fast that life is a blur. Seems as if only yesterday I was holding my baby Caleb for the first time. Scared, excited, amazed at being a mom to that sweet little one. Then came Connor... and now, Carter Chance is with us - and he's already 3 1/2 months old! WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?! Three children really do (in my opinion) take much more in time requirements than 2 ever did. And it's so funny that I always dreamed of having one child, yet here I am with three - and loving it. So... while this thing called time - AND LIFE - have sped by, I've enjoyed summer with my guys, sent my oldest off to Kindergarten, moved my middle child up to his new MDO class, and took my baby for his 3 month pics. *gigantic sigh* I had better leave off here - with a few pics, of course, because as I sit typing time is a-flyin'...

My trio of rock stars:

Ready for their first day of school:

Happy to be a Kindergartener:

Ready for Ms. "Jemifuh's" class:
(and I know it looks as if I drugged him to get him to school, but he was in mid-blink!)

And my sweet Carter Chance @ 3 whole months:

A blessing, indeed: