Saturday, April 4, 2009


Where to begin...

I guess, first and foremost, I am in shock that my Caleb is old enough to play the sport! I mean - he was a baby just yesterday!

Second has to be pride. I am so proud of him. When I watch him practice and play and see how into it he is and how well (I think) he does... I overflow with pride. And then it grows even more as he comes home and "teaches" Connor the ins and outs of t-ball.

Today was Caleb's official first game. He played short stop. He's got the "ready position" down to a science! He can hit the ball well, and he even knows to run to first base first! He plays for the Cubs, he's #6, he's the most handsome little t-baller, and he's good, too! And, NO, none of those statements are dripping with any sort of bias what-so-ever!!!

Here's where it all began:

And here's how far we've come:
Caleb playing short stop:
Caleb in "ready position":
Up to bat:
At third, and ready to run home:
A snow cone treat after the game:
Caleb and his favorite coach:
Reliving the game...
And what would t-ball be without the support of a #1 fan?