Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Child Stars!!!

Well, in a Mommy's mind, this constitutes stardom... a local commercial about our local annual Children's Fair. How did my kiddos get into a commercial for a Children's Fair, you ask? Well, I would LIKE to say that it's by good looks and amazing personalities, but they truth is... we know people in "high places." ;o) Truth be told, Nana is on the committee that puts on the fair, and they were all told to bring their kids or grand kids - if they wanted - to be in the commercial. So - of course we had to give it a go! It took about 2 hours to film what is a one minute commercial, but the experience was really just a lot of fun!

The whole group in the opening of the commercial:

Connor quickly figured out the perks of being a child actor... endless animal crackers and Capri Sun!
Caleb plotting with his side-kick cousin on how the confetti egg crack down was to go.

Connor's trying to understand what is wrong with these eggs... the ones Mommy cooks NEVER have this come out!

Can you please tell me what's wrong with these eggs?

Caleb decided that the ASU football player who let him crack on egg on his head must be his new found BFF... he kept coming up to me and Nana saying, "Mom! Can you come take a picture of me with The Guy?" Creepy enough, I think The Guy looks like he could be Caleb's big brother!

Connor and Tater's part in the commercial... bowling with The Guy. (Caleb's part was biting into a corn dog, but I didn't get a picture.)
Water balloon yo-yo's to close things down... THAT'S A WRAP!

Connor, really didn't understand what it was all about, must have at least enjoyed himself! Over and over he has said, "Mommy, I'm so excited to go to duh 'mercial!'" We've decided Nana needs to stay on that committee for sure! And I think she's got the same plans... with an added one: Caleb playing "Smiley the Clown" in next year's "mercial!"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wonderful Wednesdays

Wednesday has become a day I cherish. It has become a day that I look forward to. It has become a day that I hope will be remembered lovingly for 2 people throughout the rest of our lives... Caleb and myself. I know it will always be special to me... I can only hope the same for him, as well.

The funny thing is - we don't really do anything that "special." I pick him up early from school on Wednesdays. Well, not necessarily early - he just doesn't stay for lunch and Stay & Play. We use the time from 11:45 - 1:30 (when Connor gets out of his "school") to spend time together by having lunch, running an errand or two, window shopping, whatever we want to do. Usually, he picks where we have lunch, and we usually end up at McDonalds (insert vomiting smiley here), Quiznos, or his recent favorite - Subway.

Today, however, he wanted to go to Olive Garden. (Ok, so maybe I kind of suggested it heavily, but he still wanted to go once it was suggested!) Anyway... today I sat there in total and complete awe. I sat there full of pride. I sat there in love. Across from me was the most handsome date ever. The darkest brown hair; the most beautiful hazel-green eyes; the most polite little gentleman... *sigh* I could see people at other tables admiring my date - as they should've been, and my heart swelled even more with pride. We had lunch and visited. I love hearing what's on his mind. It's so interesting to me. He's growing up far too fast.

Like I said... we don't do anything "special," but the time we do have together on Wednesdays is and always will be special to me. I wish Wonderful Wednesdays would last forever...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a Lucky Day!

St. Patrick's Day... a day for wearing of the green and luck to be had by all. Normally, I don't buy into that junk AT ALL, but this was one good St. Patty's Day! We started off the day getting dressed in our finest of green and heading to the clinic for a 3D pic of Baby C. (No, we don't have a name decided on as of yet, but we DO know he has to start with C like Caleb... according, of course, to Big Brother Caleb!) So, we (myself, Bill, Caleb, Connor, and Mom) piled into the tiny u/s room and the peeking began. Caleb immediately saw the baby on the screen and thought it was too cool (which, of course, it WAS!). Connor, on the other hand, probably wondered why we were all so in awe of the sepia-toned blob floating around on the screen. He did, however, provide his usual nice gesture of coming up to me (after we were all trying to tell him we were looking at Baby Brother), and he lovingly patted my left breast and said, "Hi! Hi, Baby!!"
As soon as the tech turned on the machine we realized... we have a thumb-sucker on our hands. This will be a first. You could literally see the little lips wrapped around that tiny thumb, and he was sucking away! The tech really poked and prodded as he was in a difficult position for viewing. Must have caused C a little stress because the hiccups started... and didn't stop through the whole u/s. It was cool... I would feel it; you could see my stomach move; then you would see C's whole body jerk on screen with the hiccup.

After the u/s, I took Caleb to Daddy's office and Granny's office for a little soliciting. Yep, we are officially fundraising for the first time. And, let me tell you, Caleb is Mr. Salesman! He practiced his little spiel (even practicing how to say White Chocolate Macadamia without getting it all jumbled), and he had it down in time to sell! That boy sold him some cookie dough! And - he wanted to do it all on his own, and he. shooed. me. away. After making $240 worth of sales, we went to lunch with Daddy.
Then we came home for some play time before nap. Caleb helped make a lucky clover snack so that it could bake while they worked hard outside with sidewalk paint.

After all their hard work (and double the baking time than suggested), my two Lucky Charms sat down to a snack of cinnamon-sugar green clover and milk - outside, of course! Cheers!

Then it was Mommy's favorite time of the day... NAP TIME!! ;o) They were exhausted, and full, and had good naps. Mommy was a VERY LUCKY LADY!!! We wrapped up our lucky day with an entertaining evening of tee ball practice, home for a little more outdoor play, and then... oh my gosh!! A leprechaun came and left two little bowl-fulls of gold for the boys to snack on before bath/bed time! (aka: Tropical Pineapple Jell-O. And, can I just say... that is some goooood jello! Especially when you hide in the corner of the kitchen and cover yours with Reddi-Whip!)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

More Adventure? Twice in ONE Week? WOW!!!

Granted, I figure most SAHM'S do this on a regular basis, I'm rather proud of myself for getting out with the kids and having some adventure with them - TWICE IN ONE WEEK! Especially at almost 7 months pregnant... and feeling 9 months pregnant. But that's is a-whole-nother blog!

Anyway... on Thursday, I took the boys to Sonic (I was craving a Vanilla Cream Diet Coke), and they got to get a Whacky Pack (I opted for a large tots with cheese!), and then we headed to a picnic table along the Concho River. I took some stale bread along, hoping to find some hungry ducks. (However, we usually end up feeding lots of hungry turtles and even a few *ick* nutrea!) After having our nutritious and healthy serving of fast food grease, we walked across the bridge to where we saw a few ducks. For some reason, they weren't really interested in our bread. I was a tad offended until I figured out why they were so apprehensive... Grackles. Those mean, ugly, black birds that look like the flew straight out of the works of Edgar Allen Poe. Said grackles literally "took position" in the trees along the river. Once they saw us toss a few bread chunks into the water, they literally started DIVE-BOMBING the ducks! Pecking the tops of their sweet little heads, making them swim to safety, and snatching the bread right out of the water. Luckily, we didn't have a ton of bread - I was feeling guilty! Like we were causing these poor ducks to be abused even though we just wanted to fill their bellies with a little Sarah Lee...
Once we ran out of bread, we walked along the river to the Visitor's Center. It really is a beautiful place. The winding steps and bridges that take you up, over, and all around the waterfalls are so much fun. The boys just loved it. They had to stop and observe each and every waterfall and, of course, try to touch it... at least a little bit. After spending time there, we continued our walk to the next bridge where we crossed over and played at Kid's Kingdom for a while. It was a great, exhausting time which resulted in naps for all. (And the first pink, sun-kissed cheeks of the year!)

Attempting to feed the ducks... while a large turtle watched and sunned.
Welcome to the Visitor's Center!!

Checking out the lower water falls...

Connor found one he could reach...

Taking a break to watch together...

And, of course, riding one of the many artistic sheep found around our town.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thanks for the Adventure!

Adventure... that's what life's all about, right?

Well, for my boys, yesterday was definitely about adventure. I took them to Civic League Park - a little park nestled between a local high school and the Concho River where, as a child, I remember picnicking, hanging out with Mom & Dad, and always... ALWAYS feeling a sense of adventure while there! A tiny sliver of water runs (well, used to run) through there on it's way to the actual river, and there are 4 different stone bridges that cross it. There are large trees that make the place feel hidden from the outside world and, somehow, a wee bit magical - especially when you're wee yourself! However, I could still feel a spark of "magic" (albeit nostalgia) tingle inside as I walked behind my two loves... observing them on their adventure...

Caleb loved pointing out things he saw along the way...

I actually made them stop and pose for me, and it's now a picture I will treasure forever!

Caleb making his ascent... Connor remaining cautious...

Caleb: PROUD of his ascent!

Connor choosing to remain in the safety of the trees...

As we were walking back toward the car, I could tell from Caleb's puffed out chest and head held high that he was enjoying and proud of the adventure he had been on. I grabbed his hand, and I asked him, "So... is this a great place for adventures, or what?!" He inhaled deeply, and exhaled with an agreeing, "Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh...." We continued to meander toward the coolness of the car - finding the last of the few budding flowers and cracked pecans left behind by scampering squirrels, and... just as we reached our destination, Caleb said, "Mom, thanks for taking us on such a great adventure today! Can we come back and do it again? This is my favorite place!" Connor just echoed his brother's thoughts with, "Thanks, Mom!" And I, filled with both pride and memories of young and old, said, "Of course, we can, Baby. And our adventures will be even greater next time."

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cowboy(s) UP!!

If you've known me since the dawn of time (well, MY time, that is), you KNOW how utterly bizarre it is to see my kiddos in boots and jeans... and ME in boots and jeans? Well, that's unheard of... until this year, anyway... But this isn't about me. It's about how two of the most handsome boys in the world can go from rock star to cowboy in 8 seconds... and make it look goooood! :o)

Not long ago, we took the boys to a local "Western store" in search of jeans that would actually fit. Caleb has issues of small waist and mile long legs while Connor just has small issues. Period. As we say... "Him's littles." Anyway... while at this particular shoppe, Caleb found (and fell in love with) some black boots that were electric blue from the ankle up. He went on and on about how cool they were. And, for some reason, his daddy is a sucker for making him look like a handome cowboy, so he caved and bought the boots for Ca-Bug. And a pair of black Wranglers... And a new blue plaid shirt to match the boots. And a new shirt for Con-bon. And some Wranglers for that little wrangler, too! Oh... and, of course, a cowboy hat for Littles. (Caleb already has a black one thanks to Auntie J and Uncle Tink.) Also, I had bought Connor a pair of the tiniest boots you've ever seen a week before this shopping extravaganza. We had to buy them - once he tried them on, he didn't want to take them off! He likes them because the heels "click!"
So, of course, here are the pictures of (what I believe) to be the two most handsome little cowboys know to West Texas. And, NO, I am NOT biased!! :o)

Caleb's so put together... Connor, well, he's got more of the "drug store cowboy" thing going on!
Caleb at the petting zoo before the rodeo.
Connor-Bonnor... the only kind of animal he really cared to "pet" while we were there!
They SO enjoyed the rodeo! Especially Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey!

Ahhh... the family pic... including Bill calling Connor as he's running off to find the next point of interest!