Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Have a ONE Year Old! ... for the 3rd time...

And man, oh MAN is it bitter-sweet! While it is so much fun seeing all of the things my Carter Chance can do and loving the smiles, babbles, and cuddles I am getting from my "chunky dunker," it's hard to realize that he's not that tiny baby I gave birth to a year ago... and... the toughest realization... that these are my last "firsts." It's so hard to give up and let go of this time in my life. I never knew I would love being a mommy so much that I would want to do it again, and again, and again...

At any rate, we had a lovely family get-together after church on Sunday to celebrate the 3rd ONE year old in my life. And it was a lot of fun! Good food, good family, and great memories.

Another great Nana creation: The 1 cake!
Mommy helped blow out the candles on Carter Chance's personal cake:
Carter Chance decided he needed to do a taste test before serving his guests:
How he spent most of the party: cloth diapie and cupcake hat!
Not sure about this taking steps thing... crawling is so much easier AND faster!